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Argentine Alfajores

In Pampa Drugstore we offer you the best argentinean alfajores so you can enjoy them in any city in Europe. You can access from your mobile, computer or any device to our large catalog and be surprised with all our products.

Argentinian alfajores are a dessert made of two or more cookies adhered to each other by dulce de leche. They may be partially or totally coated with toppings or confectionery baths, usually chocolate or powdered sugar, and may contain whole or broken nuts and grated coconut

We are your perfect solution, because we have the best and most delicious argentine alfajores, the exquisite preparation and quality ingredients allow you to enjoy them at any time of the day or night.

Can I buy alfajores online and have them delivered anywhere in Spain?

You have just entered the ideal store to buy alfajores online with maximum comfort and safety. Here you will find the largest variety of alfajores to sweeten your best moments

Whether you are an Argentinean with a craving for buy alfajores online in Spain or from another country that does not include them in their diet, do not suffer; our online store offers you a wide range of brands and varieties to sweeten your life.

The alfajores are very popular in Argentina and other Latin American countries and little by little their demand has expanded all over the world. That is why, if you are interested in buying alfajores online, we inform you that our merchandise can be shipped to any corner of Spain and the European Union where you are.

We are a company dedicated to the online sale of argentinean alfajores since 2007, we have extensive experience in the field. Therefore, we guarantee that your products will arrive at your home in perfect condition so that you only have to open the box, unwrap them and enjoy them.

From Pampadrugstore we offer you an excellent variety of products, all of them with perfect creaminess and high quality ingredients.

Our delivery system is guaranteed, we take great care to ensure that our products arrive in perfect condition. We pack them with great care and work with delivery companies that are aware of how precious our alfajores are

Types of alfajores available at Pampa Drugstore

Argentine alfajores are unique, both for their remarkable way of preparation and for the great variety that exists. We recognize that more than a dessert, it is a whole culture. That's why we offer you the best experience for buy alfajores of different types:

- Chocolate Alfajores

The chocolate alfajores are characterized for having a very tender and moist dough, a dulce de leche of the best quality, which overflows just by biting it and, in addition, they have a chocolate coating. We are the right place to buy alfajores because we keep an excellent great value for money.

- Rice cracker alfajores

The rice cracker alfajores are very particular. It is an alfajor filled with dulce de leche but whose distinction is that the cookie is made with rice. The best part? The prices of the alfajores in our online store are always affordable.

- Triple Alfajores

Today, almost every brand of alfajores offers a wide range of triple variety of alfajores, which is nothing more than an alfajor with three cookies, filled with dulce de leche and covered with dark or white chocolate. Triple alfajores are an opportunity to delight your palate

- Alfajores from Uruguay

In Uruguay, the alfajor is also very popular, especially the Portezuelo, which is known for making a multitude of varieties of alfajores, offering among them a variety with a layer of meringue between two layers of dulce de leche

To buy alfajores online we offer you our wide variety of these products.

- Alfajores without wheat flour

For people with celiac disease whose expectations of enjoying a cookie are remote, the alfajores without wheat flour can give them that pleasure without doing them any harm. We have for you the most delicious products so you can enjoy it without problems

Price of alfajores

We invite you to visit our Argentinean alfajores section to find the one that best suits your taste and budget. The price of alfajores at Pampa Drugstore is really and we also have great promotions

When you buy alfajores in our online store, we guarantee the maximum security in your purchase transactions with an extremely user-friendly layout and web design focused on facilitating your navigation and shopping experience. In addition, the shipping service can be free of charge.

Tips for buying quality alfajores

Argentine alfajores have won a place in everyone's hearts. Its cylindrical appearance and its magnificent flavor make it stand out from the rest of the delicatessen, a fact that has meant that many people are attracted to it and end up tasting it and falling in love with it

If you have doubts about what type of alfajores argentinos buy, we invite you to follow several tips to acquire an excellent dessert:

- It must have a good quality dulce de leche pastry.

- Tapas should be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

- The chocolate bath or coating must be optimal.

In our online store you can buy alfajores of excellent quality, from the most basic to those of Premium quality, with white, dark or mixed chocolate, perfect to enjoy alone, in the company of your loved ones or as a gift for a special occasion.

What brands of alfajores do we carry at Pampa Drugstore?

Buy alfajores online in Spain is one of the best options to taste this food with several centuries of history. Undoubtedly, a trip back in time that will bring you flavors from other times.

We have the best brands such as Jorgito, Terrabusi, Havanna, Jorgelin, Milka, Chimbote, Mardel, Tango and Portezuelo, among others. Legendary manufacturers with a great tradition such as Havanna, which was born in the fifties and has positioned itself as a leader in artisan confectionery

Since the demand for Argentine alfajores has increased, major brands such as Terrabusi have dedicated a large part of their industry to producing this dessert on a large scale.

Buy alfajores online

At Pampa Drugstore you will find excellent products from Latin American countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil, for those who miss their traditional products or those who wish to enter this new world of flavors and experiences.

Find in our online store the most delicious argentine alfajores of recognized brands and at the best prices, with a simple online purchase process and with the guarantee of secure payment and shipping to your home.

Our wide variety of alfajores offers you the best alternative for you to choose your favorite alfajor online and from the comfort of your home. In this way, you will be able to see the different categories we have available to satisfy all kinds of tastes.

In addition to alfajores you can buy goodies, , cookies argentine sweets.

Don't wait any longer and enjoy our catalog available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to choose your favorite pastry and enjoy the delicious taste of a secure, simple and online.

Don't wait any longer and enjoy our catalog available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to choose your alfajor and enjoy its delicious taste in a different way secure, simple and online.

We have many brands of Argentine and Uruguayan alfajores. We have to highlight recognized brands such as the alfajores Chimbote,alfajores Mardel,alfajores La Havanna,alfajores MR Tango o alfajores Portezuelo among many others.

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