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Argentine sweets

Sweet potato candy. Dulce de membrillo (quince jelly). Dulce de Batata with chocolate. Dulce de leche. The best brands: Arcor, San Ignacio, Emeth. Enjoy your favorite flavors in Europe with pampadrugstore.com

Enjoying a delicious dessert is priceless, especially if it is a traditional one, with classic details that sweeten the palate and turn mealtime into a pleasant experience.

Argentine sweets have very particular characteristics that other cultures can hardly match; once you try dulce de leche, for example, there is no turning back, no other will seem as good. In Pampa Drugstore, you can find them at the best price and with delivery in record time to any corner of Spain and Europe

Buy typical Argentinean sweets online

There is a great variety of sweets on the Internet, but only with us you will find variety, quality and economy

The best brands, made in the most artisanal way and preserving the Argentinean traditions that you like so much, are in Pampa Drugstore: the delicious sweet potato jam, the traditional dulce de leche or the outstanding dulce de membrillo, all at your disposal in the easiest way to prepare the best pastries in the world

Characteristics of Argentine sweets

The most important characteristics of the sweet cuisine of South America are the following

- Concentrated flavor

Although its gastronomy has become known for its meats and wines, desserts are not far behind in tradition and original flavor

Its cuisine is characterized by its strong taste, both in sweet and savory dishes you can notice the central ingredient of the food, which has been influenced by a rich native and international heritage.

- They use puff pastry and dulce de leche

The sweet dishes of this country stand out for the puff pastry and dulce de leche, both of which create a traditional dessert: the pastelitos, as well as a great variety of reputed desserts, such as Torta Rogel etc.

Many of them are of European origin, but with special touches that have made them the insignia of the locality worldwide.

There are also different presentations of sweets based on flour combined with dulce de leche, guava or other fruits or vegetables, such as quince or sweet potato

- Mixing sweet and salty

Another important detail is the idea of mixing sweet and salty flavors, a typical tradition in Latin American countries and that in this part of the continent has a very special and simple presentation, called vigilante: cheese and sweet

Types of Argentinean sweets

In Argentina there are different types of sweets, highlighting

- The pastelitos

This is the most representative dessert of its cuisine, it is characterized by its soft and crunchy texture that is achieved from its base of puff pastry dough in multiple layers, presented in the form of a patty

There is a variety of presentations in terms of topping and, sometimes, with variations in the filling, which can be: dulce de leche (the most common and traditional), quince, sweet potato, guava, etc.

- Dulce de leche

Although it is more of a filling that is part of the desserts, dulce de leche by itself can be considered one of the typical representations of the country's gastronomy

- Alfajores

Its roots are of Spanish origin, but in Argentina they have made it their own thanks to its touch of flavor. It is a sweet made of two sweet flour cookies filled with dulce de leche and with a layer of coconut around them. They can be covered with dark, milk or white chocolate or covered with a layer of grated coconut around them

Frola pastry

Its origin is the Italian crostata. It is a baked puff pastry tart, filled with quince jelly, although it admits variations, there are dulce de leche, chocolate and guava frolade pastries

The rogel cake

They are layers of puff pastry dough interspersed with dulce de leche and finished with a meringue and fruit topping

Ingredients used in the sweets

As you may have noticed, Argentinean sweets, in their majority, are characterized by presenting a puff pastry or flour dough with creamy fillings, being the following ingredients the most used in their preparation

  • Flour.
  • Butter.
  • Sugar.
  • Variety of fillings.

Now, among the most used fillings, the following stand out

- Dulce de leche

This sweet or delicacy is a preparation based on milk of animal or vegetable origin and sugar. It is obtained by cooking it for a certain time until a creamy and delicious texture is achieved

It is so popular and representative of the culture that it has a special day for its celebration: October 11, World Dulce de Leche Day

- Dulce de membrillo

It is a delicacy based on sugar and quince, a natural fruit of great sweetness and malleability that is produced very lightly in certain months of the year in the South American country

- Sweet potato candy

Also called sweet potato. Another delicacy obtained by cooking cooked sweet potato and sugar

Tips for buying Argentine sweet pastries

Being the pastelitos the most representative traditional dessert of the gastronomic culture of the country, it is common to see them in packaged form being commercialized in the market. Therefore, when choosing one of them, it is important that you take into account the following tips

- Verify the quality of the ingredients used

The most important thing about a product is its quality and this is determined by the ingredients used in its preparation. Before deciding on a specific brand of candy, verify that all the necessary ingredients have been used and mainly that they are of natural origin

- The brand is important

To save you time and worries thinking about whether you should really trust the quality of a certain product, it is best to decide for those of a recognized brand in the market, because they guarantee quality and flavor

- Check the stock of Pampa Drugstore

In short, the best brands of Argentine candies or fillings for home preparation are in our online store. Pampa Drugstore guarantees you that the products marketed are of superior quality and you will get what you want so much: flavor and tradition in one place

what brands of Argentine candies do we have in Pampa Drugstore?

To be on the safe side, we want you to know some of the brands of Argentinean pastries and sweets you will find in our online store:

Covers for cupcakes

It is a product created for the preparation of cupcakes in a quick and easy way. All you have to do is defrost, fill, fry and that's it

Among the brands you can find in Pampa Drugstore are the following

- Tapa Mania: there are 24 lids to assemble and fry as desired. The Tapa Mania cupcake lids are an excellent alternative to make this dessert at home, combining it with the variety of milk candies or other sweets in our stock

- Mendia: 24 frozen units. The mendia cupcake lids are specially made for this traditional dish, but also serve for other classic desserts such as the delicious Rangel cake

Filling for candies and cupcakes

Among the wide variety of brands of dulce de leche, sweet potato and quince jelly, we can highlight the following

- Sweet potato paste: Esnola, Mardel, La Campagnola, Los nietitos, etc

- Dulce de leche: Andino, Chimbote, Conaprole, Havanna, Los nietitos, Mardel, Mr. Tango, San Ignacio, etc

- Quince jelly: Esnaola, Los nietitos, Noel, etc

In Pampa Drugstore you will find everything to prepare the best Argentinean empanadas or sweet pastries. No matter where you are in Spain and Europe, try our products!

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