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Dulce de leche

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Information about dulce de leche

Dulce de Leche is originally from Argentina, and is one of the characteristic products of Argentina, it is highly coveted all over the world, especially in Europe

Its popularity is so great that every October 11th is celebrated the World Dulce de Leche Day, and it has been recognized as the Food and Gastronomic Cultural Heritage of Argentina.

At Pampa Drugstore you can buy Dulce de Leche online and have it shipped anywhere in Europe. We have the most delicious varieties and nationally and internationally recognized brands with the best quality-price ratio, and with secure payment and shipping

Buy the most consumed dulce de leche in Argentina, made with cow's milk, sugar, vanilla essence and also baking soda... Undoubtedly, one of the most delicious sweets on the planet

can I buy dulce de leche online and have it shipped anywhere in Spain?

With Pampa Drugstore you can buy dulce de leche online and send it to family, friends, co-workers living anywhere in Spain. As it is an international product that millions of people around the world are passionate about, we offer immediate availability, secure payments and guaranteed shipments throughout Spain

Types of milk candies in Pampa Drugstore according to their manufacture

At Pampa Drugstore we have milk candies marketed in Europe. They are manufactured with the original ingredients and processes to satisfy the thousands of customers we have in Spain

We are the Argentinean products store par excellence and we have the widest range of types of dulce de leche according to their manufacture

Let's see the most consumed types of dulce de leche

- The classic dulce de leche

The classic dulce de leche, also known as familiar or traditional, is characterized by its bright color and lightness. It is ideal for spreading on cookies or toast. In terms of flavor, it has less sugar concentration and a high caramelized milk flavor

- Dulce de leche for desserts

Dulce de leche repostero is more concentrated, and its color is more opaque. Some manufacturers add vegetable substances or corn starch to increase its concentration. Its most common use is for confectionery fillings such as alfajores.

- Dulce de leche ice cream

Dulce de leche ice cream has a more industrial use, it is darker and shinier, and has a more concentrated flavor. Its use is exclusively for making ice cream.

- Dulce de leche alfajorero

Dulce de leche alfajorero is used for the fillings of these delicious desserts. It is a product that has a structure and cut that prevents its displacement during the process of making alfajores.

Types of dulce de leche at Pampa Drugstore according to their origin

In Pampa Drugstore we have milk candies whose milk origin is cow's milk, since the quality of the milk will depend on the final result of the product.

Cow's milk caramel is the most common and most used. A key point is the quality of the milk with which it is made, ideally fresh, coming from pasture animals without pulverizing, pure and with an excellent treatment or hygiene

Tips for buying quality dulce de leche

If you are wondering where to buy dulcede leche... Pampa Drugstore is the right place!

We have quality products with two main characteristics: they have a creamy texture and no lumps.

In Pampa Drugstore there is a wide variety of options to choose from, with the characteristic aroma and flavor of each of the brands we are used to.

To identify a good dulce de leche, the following characteristics should be taken into account

- Appearance

The appearance of dulce de leche should be caramel brown in color, without white or black spots, without lumps or additives, as well as having a beautiful shine

- Texture

As for the texture, it should have a creamy or pasty consistency, with no visible crystals. It is a little firmer in ice cream, confectionery and pastry sweets

- Taste and smell

A good dulce de leche should have no strange smell or taste.

what brands of dulce de leche do we have on our website?

With dulce de leche we differentiate ourselves by our quality products, made with the best raw material and the most recognized brands in the market such as San Ignacio, Márdel, Tango, Havanna, Conaprole, Chimbote, among others

In Pampa Drugstore you can choose the perfect gift pack, including milk sweets, wine, alfajores or cookies: visit us and ask about the different promotions so you can enjoy free shipping!

We have the most traditional products from Argentina or other parts of Latin America, to use in baking, as a topping, cake filling or to spread on cookies

We have many brands of Dulce de leche from Argentina and Uruguay. We have to highlight such well-known brands as Dulce de leche San Ignacio, Dulce de Leche Mardel, Dulce de leche Los Nietitos, Dulce Leche Conaprole, Dulce de leche Havanna, Dulce de leche Chimbote among many others.

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