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Pampa Online SL.

Version: 03/2022

This privacy policy gives you an overview of the processing of your data at Pampa Online (hereinafter also Pampa, Pampa Drugstore). It applies to all websites, applications and other services offered by Pampa Online, S.L.

If you have any questions about Pampa Online's Privacy Policy or data protection, please contact info@pampadrugstore.net. Please also send an email if you wish to exercise your right to information, data erasure or any other data protection rights under Art. 15-22 GDPR. This includes revocation of consent for marketing purposes, unsubscribing from the newsletter, etc.

How to read this privacy policy: We offer several ways to read this privacy policy. First, this section contains basic information. Subsequently, we have arranged this privacy policy according to relevant topics and divided it into individual chapters.

A brief summary precedes each chapter. The summary briefly explains the contents of the chapter. If you just want to get a quick overview of the entire data processing, it is advisable to read the summaries. If you want to familiarize yourself with the details, you can click on "More" below the respective summary. You will then see the complete contents of the chapter.

We have dispensed with references as often as possible. In this way, you will find all information explained coherently no matter which chapter you are in. However, if you read this Privacy Policy from beginning to end, you may detect repeated text.

To which services and offers this privacy policy applies: the way we process your data on Pampa Online is similar for most of our offers. Therefore, this Privacy Policy applies to all services we provide to our customers in Europe. Regardless of whether we do so through a website, an app, in stores, by whatsapp or through social media or other channels. For better understanding, we use the term "services" to cover any "normal case".

However, there are also some services where, exceptionally, we process your data differently or for special purposes. This may be due to the nature of a service or country-specific requirements. If we refer to such cases (i.e. "deviations from the normal case"), we refer to it as "service-specific" or "country-specific".

What you will discover in this privacy policy:

What information Pampa Online stores.

What we do with such data and what it is needed for.

What data protection rights and choices you have.

What technologies and data we use to personalize and tailor our services and content to provide you with a safe, simple, seamless and customized shopping experience.

What technologies and data we use for advertising purposes, including the tracking technologies used.

1. what data does Pampa Online process?

Pampa Online offers a variety of services that you can use in different ways. Depending on whether you contact us online, by telephone, in person or otherwise, and which services you use, different data is generated from different sources. You share much of the information we process if you use our services or contact us, for example, when you register and provide your name or email address or postal address. However, we also receive technical information about devices and access that we automatically collect as you interact with our services. For example, this may be information about the device you are using. We collect more data through our own data analysis.

When we talk about "your information," we mean personal information. This is any information that we might use to identify you either immediately or in combination with other information. Examples: your name, your telephone number, your customer number, order numbers or your e-mail address.

Any information that does not allow us to identify you (even when combined with other information) is considered non-personal data. Non-personal data is also known as anonymous data. When we combine your personal data with anonymous data, all of the data in that aggregate will be considered personal data. If we remove personal data from any information or data set relating to you, the remaining data in that set will no longer be considered personal data. This procedure is called anonymization. Basically it will apply: Obviously, you can refuse if we ask you to provide us with certain personal information. You decide what information you provide us with. However, we may not be able to provide you with the desired services (or not optimally). For example, we cannot send packages without a delivery address. If only specific information is needed in connection with a service (mandatory information), we will notify you by means of an appropriate identification.

1.1. Profile data

Profile data represents personal and demographic information about you (so-called master data) and your individual interests, which you provide to us when you register for your customer account. Your profile data includes, for example:

Your first and last name

Your contact information

Your preferences, for example, in terms of brands, product types or styles

Demographic information such as gender, age and place of residence

The required information is usually your name, email address and password. Your e-mail address and password will later become your login data.

Profile data may also include other personal information and interests. These may be collected during registration for the service or added later. For example, if you later add voluntary information to your profile or if you wish to use your customer account to subscribe to a service that requires additional mandatory information

In your customer account, you will be able to view and modify your profile data directly.

1.2. Contact information

When you contact us, we collect your contact information. Depending on how you contact us (by phone or email), your contact information may include your name, postal addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, details of your social media profiles (for example, we obtain Facebook IDs, if you contact us through Facebook), usernames and similar contact details.

1.3. Purchase data

When you order something from Pampa or shop locally, for example, at the Pampa Drugstore, we collect your purchase information. Purchase data may include the following information, depending on the type of sale and the status of the process:

Order number

Details of purchased items (name, size, color, purchase price, etc.)

Payment method details

Delivery and billing addresses

Purchase-related messages and communications (e.g. revocation statements, complaints and customer service messages)

Delivery and payment status, e.g., "Done" or "Sent"

Return status, e.g., "Completed"

Details of service providers involved in the execution of the contract (e.g., parcel service provider shipping numbers)

1.4. Payment information

We offer you the usual payment methods in e-commerce, namely payment in advance, credit card, PayPal, Bizum or Bank Transfer. For the execution of the payment we collect the payment data you have provided. We receive additional payment information from external payment service providers with whom we cooperate to make payments. We only transfer to our payment service providers the data necessary for payment processing.

The payment details are, for example:

Preferred payment method

Billing addresses

IBAN and BIC or bank account number and bank code

Credit card information

Credit data

Payment data also includes other information directly related to payment and credit verification. This refers, for example, to information that external payment service providers use for identification, such as your PayPal ID (if you pay with PayPal).

At To whom will my data be sent to you? you will find information about external payment service providers.

1.5. Data of interest

When you interact with our services, we collect information that tells us what content, themes, products, product types, brands or styles interest you. For example, from your purchase data, wish list content and your age (provided we have that information), and through comparisons with users with similar characteristics, we can deduce what styles and categories of products interest you. This way, in your next search, we can show you the products that are most likely to be relevant to you.

In addition to the interests directly indicated by you, we may also infer your interests from other data collected. For example, if you visit a particular area of Pampa Drugstore repeatedly, during usage analysis we can infer your interests from your access data (e.g., it can be inferred that you may be interested in sports, if you regularly visit the category "Mates and accessories" or products from this category).

In addition, our advertising partners provide us with demographic information and statistics (such as age, gender, region), device and access data, and interests of our users. We ensure that our advertising partners provide only aggregated, encrypted or anonymized data to Pampa, so we cannot assign the data to any particular person, i.e., any particular user. This information can help us better understand our users during customer structure analysis and user targeting.

For more information about the processing of your data for promotional purposes, see "How does Pampa Online use my data for advertising?".

1.6. Messages, content of conversations

When you contact us or other users by phone, mail, social media, contact forms or otherwise about products (such as product reviews) and other topics, we collect the content of your messages.

If necessary, we will forward your messages to the entity responsible for your request, such as partner companies or manufacturers. In case of a possible forwarding to another company (e.g. if you send us feedback to the manufacturer of a product), you have the opportunity to indicate to us that your data should be used exclusively by Pampa. In this case, we will not forward your request to the responsible office or we will forward it without your personal information, if your request can be processed in this way.

If you provide us with information for other users about intended functions (such as product ratings), we may publish them within our services.

Pampa also uses social media services such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google or Twitter to communicate with customers and users. In addition to our own communication channels, we use these popular platforms to provide you with additional contact and information opportunities. However, please note that we cannot influence the terms of use of social networks and the services they offer, and we have limited control over data processing. Therefore, we ask you to carefully check what personal information you share with us through social networks. We cannot influence the behavior of social network operators, other users and third parties who may collaborate or use their services with social network operators.

1.7. Social network data

Pampa Drugstore maintains profile pages (also referred to as "Fanpages") on various social networking sites. In addition, Pampa's services may incorporate social networking features. For example, messaging services and so-called social plugins or social logins such as "Login with Facebook". If you contact us directly via our social network profiles or if you use social network functions integrated in our services and are part of the social network in question, the operator of the social network may send us data that can identify you. As a rule, we can display the following data:

Your public profile information stored in the social network (e.g., name, profile picture)

Details on the type of device you are using

The account ID of your profile on the network in question (e.g. Facebook ID)

Please also refer to the guidelines on the processing of social network data in connection with social network functions in "Information on websites and applications" e "Information on social network fanpages"

Pampa currently uses the Facebook messaging service and social plugins/logins from the following social networks:

Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland ("Facebook"). The link to Facebook's Privacy Policy can be found here Facebook Privacy Policy.

Twitter Inc, 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA ("Twitter"). The link to Twitter's Privacy Policy can be found here Twitter Privacy Policy.

1.8. Location data

For certain purposes, we also collect information about the current location of your device when you use our services. Two different technologies are used.

If you enable location services on your device for a Pampa application, website or other online service, we will process the location data your device identifies and provides to us to provide you with location-based services. If you allow a Pampa application to access your device's location services, we may learn your location on a regular basis (for example, even if you are not using the application). This helps to improve the user experience, for example, by allowing location-based content to load faster when using the app at your location or to display location-based push messages. We do not create movement profiles from such data. You can get more information related to the location-based service, if needed.

In addition, we also collect location data derived from the IP address of your device (down to city level). For this purpose, an anonymous IP address shortened to three digits is used. This address cannot be used to identify your Internet connection or device.

We and many online stores use this procedure (called geolocation) to, for example, detect fraud, detect suspicious orders (for example, in certain situations, it may be suspicious if a country's IP address is used for an order via a customer account from which no orders had been placed).

1.9. campaign and survey information

If you participate in any Pampa campaign (e.g., sweepstakes) or survey (such as customer satisfaction surveys conducted as part of market research), we will ask you for personal information.

For example, during a sweepstakes we usually ask for your name and email address so that we can contact you if you win and to ensure that each entrant only participates once.

For some actions and surveys we may ask you for more information. This may be the case, for example, if we run a campaign with a partner and the partner needs information about you in order to give you the prize. In these cases, however, we will always inform you about the required data and the use we will make of it.

1.10. Access data and equipment

When using online and mobile services, it is inevitable that technical data is generated and processed to provide the features and content offered and displayed on your device. We refer to this data as "device and access data". Device and access data is created with every use of an online and mobile service. It does not matter who the provider is. Device and access data falls, for example, when you use:



Social network fanpages

Email newsletters (i.e., when interaction with your newsletter is collected)

Location-based services

Pampa Drugstore collects device and access data from online and mobile services offered by Pampa. In addition, Pampa may obtain device and access data from online and mobile services from other companies, provided that they are social networks or advertising partners of Pampa or participate in the same online advertising networks (e.g., the "Google Network"). You will find more information at "How does Pampa use my data to advertising?" e "Information on social network fanpages".

Device and access data includes the following categories:

General device information, such as device settings, system settings (e.g., language settings, system permissions), Internet connection information (e.g., mobile network name, connection speed), and the application used (e.g., application name and version).

Identification (ID) data, such as session ID, cookie ID, unique device ID (e.g., Google Advertising ID, Apple Ad ID), third party account ID (if you use social plugins or social logins) or PayPal payment) and other popular Internet technologies to recognize your web browser, device or application installation.

Access data that is automatically transmitted each time you access the web server and the databases of online applications and web browsers (as part of so-called HTTP requests). This is standardized information about the requested content (such as name and type of access file) and additional information about the server access (e.g. amount of data transferred and error codes), about your device (such as device type, operating system, software versions, device ID, IP address, previously visited page and time of access).

Data processing

To access and / or use the services of pampadrugstore.net is necessary that users previously provide pampadrugstore.net certain personal data. In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) we want to inform you that the data collected will be incorporated into a file registered with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, which is responsible pampadrugstore.net, with the purposes set out in each of the collection forms established for use in this website and to send you information about products and services of our company and / or its partners including by email or similar and to process data relating to navigation and purchases of the user dissociating them from their personal data, and authorizes us to keep your data for the above purposes even after the end of our relationship in the future. It is also reported that once dissociated data, information on consumption and browsing habits of users may be used for statistical and / or commercial purposes by pampadrugstore.net.

The purpose for which the registration form is intended is the management of customers and sales management,

The purpose for which the form in the CONTACT section is intended is the subsequent contact of pampadrugstore.net with users who have made some kind of consultation through the same.

The purpose for which the form in the SEND A FRIEND section (WITHIN THE PRODUCT SHEETS) is intended is that users can recommend a product. In no case, pampadrugstore.net store the contact address, simply redirect the message that the user wants to send to the recipient. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user must ensure and be responsible for obtaining the informed consent of the third party you invite to send mail on your behalf, assuming all legal responsibility that may arise

Pampa guarantees that it has adopted the appropriate basic level security measures in its facilities, systems and files

In any case, the user agrees to provide true information regarding their personal data and to keep the data provided to Pampa updated. The user will respond, in any case, the veracity of the data provided and keep them updated, Pampa Online reserves the right to exclude from the registered services to any user who has provided false information, without prejudice to other actions stipulated by law.

Exercising data protection rights

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to pampadrugstore.net, Calle del Carme , n 7 cp: 08001, or by sending an e-mail to info@pampadrugstore.net.

The user's request must comply with the following legally established minimum content:

First and last name.

Photocopy of ID card, electronic signature or scanned copy of ID card.

Specific request.

Address for notification purposes.

Date and signature of applicant

By the very nature of the service and contents of the Web Site, it is essential to be able to send registered users commercial communications by email. Therefore, in the event of the cancellation of data provided for in the preceding paragraph, this will automatically entail the cessation and abandonment of the status of registered user of pampadrugstore.net


Our services are directed to persons of legal age, in the event that some of our services are specifically aimed at minors, pampadrugstore.net request the consent of parents or guardians for the collection of personal data or, where appropriate, for the automated processing of data as set out in the legislation in force. If the registered user is a minor, it is required to have the prior consent of their parents or guardians before proceeding to the inclusion of their personal data in the forms on the Website.

Free text fields

The free text fields that, at the disposal of the registered user, may appear on the Web Site, have the sole and exclusive purpose of collecting information to improve the quality of the Services, especially the delivery of the products purchased. The registered user will not include, in those spaces that the Web Site may offer as "free text fields", any personal data that may be qualified within those data for which a level of protection of medium or high type is required, without prior notice to pampadrugstore.net, as defined by current regulations (including but not limited to data concerning ideology, religion, beliefs, union membership, health, racial origin and / or sex life).

2. What does Pampa use my data for?

Pampa Drugstore processes your data in accordance with all applicable data protection laws. Of course, we respect the principles of data protection law for the processing of personal data. Therefore, we process your data only for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or during data collection. These are primarily the purchase process and the provision, customization and development, as well as the security of our services. In addition, we use your data within the strict European data protection legislation, but also for other purposes, such as product development, scientific research (especially in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning), for the optimization of business processes, demand-oriented design of our services, as well as for personalized advertising.

In this chapter, we also inform you about which legal basis (legal basis) we process data for individual purposes. Depending on which legal basis we process the information, you may - in addition to your existing privacy rights, such as the right to information - be entitled to special privacy rights. For example, in some cases, you have the right to object to the processing of your data. For more information, see "What is the do i have privacy rights?".

2.1. Development of online, local and customized purchasing and service delivery

We process your data to the extent necessary for the performance of the contract and for the provision and performance of other services requested by you, as described in this privacy policy. The purposes of the data processing required in each case are therefore based on the purpose of the contract agreed with you (including our General Terms and Conditions and any specific terms or conditions of use of the service) or the services requested by you. The main purposes are:

Provision and customization of our services (including your website, applications and multi-device and multi-platform capabilities).

Provision of local services, e.g. at Pampa Drugstore and at events and fairs.

Execution of customer programs.

Execution of purchase contracts and customer service, including payment dispatch and processing, claims handling, as well as handling of returns, claims and warranty cases.

The provision of news, newsletters and other direct communications, provided that this is an integral part of our contractual services or the services requested by you. For example, in our online store you can contact us by e-mail to find out about the availability of out-of-stock items. Also, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you will regularly receive our newsletter with current sales promotions.

Ensure the overall security, operability and stability of our services, including the prevention of attacks.

Non-promotional communication with you regarding technical, security and contract-related issues (such as fraud alerts, account suspension or contract changes).

The exhibition, redemption and delivery of Pampa coupons.

Campaigns and sweepstakes.

The processing of payments for the fulfillment of purchase contracts is ensured by our bank since Pampa uses the services of external payment service providers for the processing of payments. Information about external payment service providers can be found in section To whom is my data sent?.

Legal basis:

To the extent that the purpose is to carry out a contract agreed with you or to provide a service requested by you, the legal basis is Article 6 (1)

GDPR. Otherwise, the legal basis is Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR, where our legitimate interests are for the purposes set out above.

2.2. Purchase customization

We process your data to provide convenient and useful services that best meet your needs and interests. As the offerings on Pampa include hundreds of products and brands, it is necessary for us to present our content and offers as needed, so that you can find the products that really interest you. This requires a user-specific evaluation of the relevance of products and content.

Legal basis: The legal basis for processing your personalization personalization data in the context of personalized services is Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR. The legal basis for processing your data in the context of on-site optimization is Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR, where our legitimate interests are for the purposes set out above.

2.3. Research, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Pampa's research focuses on solving the real, everyday problems of online shopping and is designed to improve and refine existing service offerings. For example, we can develop applications that can suggest products that match your interests and needs, and that can identify your preferences and match products that meet your real interests.

Of course, we observe the recognized scientific data protection standards. This also means that we only process your data in summarized, anonymized or pseudonymized form for research purposes, for example, by replacing all identifiable data, such as your name, with other information.

The research in Pampa includes the following purposes:

Development of machine learning techniques that provide estimates, forecasts and analysis on the needs and interests of our users.

Development of technical solutions to real customer problems faced by our technical department (e.g. difficulty in finding suitable products, reduction of the probability of erroneous purchases, errors when loading a product).

Development of technical solutions for the optimization of commercial and logistic processes.

Development of technical solutions to improve and develop the personalization of purchases and fraud prevention.

Publication of blog articles

Legal basis:

The legal basis for processing your data in the context of the research described above is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR, where our legitimate interests lie in the purposes set out above.

2.4. Fraud prevention, choice of payment methods

2.4.1. Fraud prevention

In order to counteract the risk of data security breaches, the data of the users of our services are transmitted in encrypted form. This applies to both the order and the registration with the customer's account. For this purpose, our contracted payment services use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Due to the encryption, the data is not visible to us or to third parties. These companies that offer payment services are protected against external attacks through special security technologies that continuously monitor the system and immediately detect and display any anomalies. In addition, they are secured through technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, unauthorized access, modification or dissemination of customer data by unauthorized persons. In this way, we want to keep the risk of unauthorized access as low as possible, as the protection of your data is our top priority. However, we cannot guarantee absolute protection either, as other companies do.

Occasionally, when our analysis detects a very high probability of fraud, we may cancel orders or deactivate accounts to minimize the risk of fraudulent orders and protect users whose accounts may have been spoofed.

Typical clues that, usually in combination, can increase the likelihood of fraud are:

Your shipping address was changed shortly before the order was placed and / or is located in a region with a higher risk of fraud.

Your order is particularly large and/or includes products that are currently in high demand and/or at an unusual time for your region.

Your customer account is used from a suspicious IP address.

If fraud or increased risk of fraud is suspected, the incident will be reviewed manually. Taking into account the risk of fraud, appropriate preventive measures are taken (e.g. temporary blocking of the customer's account).

Legal basis:

Regarding the processing of your data to prevent fraud at your expense, the legal basis is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter b, of the GDPR. Incidentally, this processing of your data is based on Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f, of the GDPR based on our interest and the legitimate interest of other users to detect and prevent fraud and resolve disputes.

2.4.2. Selection of payment methods

The payment methods available for the purchase, take into account the availability of the payment method in the country in question. In any case, each customer is always offered at least one possible payment method to complete the purchase.

2.5. Advertising and market research, data analysis

We use your data, including in the context of data analysis, for advertising and market research purposes. In particular, we pursue the following purposes:

The division into different target and user groups in the context of market research (user segmentation).

Information about different target groups and their respective usage habits and purchasing interests. Obtaining information about the demographics, interests, purchasing and usage habits of our users, as well as marketing these findings through advertising services provided to third parties.

Implementation of advertising for existing clients.

Implementation of direct mail, e.g. in the form of newsletters.

Planning, execution and monitoring of successful advertising that meets the interests of the target groups (personalized advertising).

Information about how our services are used (usage analysis).

Depending on the purpose, we use the data stored by us for data analysis. For example, it is used for the analysis of the purchase patterns of users (aggregated) statistical data, depersonalized (anonymous) profile or data that can be attributed only through the most popular intermediate steps (pseudonymized low profile data), as well as purchase data and computer and access data in order to acquire transactions by analyzing combined data analysis understand and analyze. We obtain anonymous or pseudonymized information about the general usage behavior of our users.

We process your data based on a balance of interests to protect the legitimate interests of us or a third party (which may be, for example, advertising partners). The legitimate interest of Pampa or third parties in processing data results from the respective purposes and, unless otherwise stated, is competitive and economic in nature.

Legal basis:

Insofar as data processing for the purposes described above is carried out with your consent, the legal basis is Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR (Consent). In addition, data processing is carried out on the basis of Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR, being the legitimate interests in the aforementioned purposes.

2.6. Product and technology development

Through partner companies, we use your information for product and technology development, including the development and improvement of personalized services. In doing so, we use aggregated, pseudonymized or anonymized data, as well as machine learning algorithms, for example from our research, that allow us to make estimates, forecasts and analyses about our users' interests. For example, we may send you a newsletter that can suggest products that match your interests and needs, and that can identify styles and match products that meet your actual interests. Data processing for product and technology development takes place, in particular, for the following purposes:

Development and enhancement of customized services and technologies for data analysis, advertising and personalized online shopping.

Development of technologies and concepts to improve IT security, prevent fraud and enhance privacy, e.g. through pseudonymization, encryption and anonymization techniques.

Development and testing of software solutions for the optimization of the required business and logistics processes.

Legal basis:

The legal basis for processing your data in the context of product and technology development is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR, where our legitimate interests lie in the purposes set out above.

2.7. Business control and business optimization

We transmit and process data necessary for administrative and logistical processes and for the optimization of business processes within Pampa in order to make them more efficient and secure and to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations (e.g. tax and commercial retention obligations). Therefore, companies that collaborate with us may have access to your data, to the extent necessary for the conditions determined for the purposes of the privacy statements.

Data processing for business control and business optimization also includes, for example, the following purposes:

Implementation and improvement of customer service.

Prevention and investigation of criminal offenses.

Ensure the security and operability of our IT systems

Legal basis:

The legal basis for processing your data in the context of business control and business optimization is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR, where our legitimate interests lie in the purposes set out above. Insofar as we hold your data due to legal requirements, e.g. tax obligations for storage and fraud checks, the legal basis is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter c of the GDPR.

2.8. Due to your consent

If you have given us your consent to process personal data, your consent represents the basis for our data processing. Which data we process based on your consent depends on the purpose of your consent. Typical purposes include:

Request for a newsletter.

Transmission of your data to third parties.

You can revoke your previously granted consent at any time with effect for the future, e.g., by e-mail, letter. If the respective service supports this function, you can adjust or cancel the consent to the receipt of newsletters and other notifications. The unsubscribe link can be found in each newsletter.

2.9. Other purposes

If permitted by data protection law, we may also use your data for new purposes without your consent, such as performing data analyses and developing our services and content. The condition for this is that the new purposes for which the data is to be used have not yet been established or are not foreseeable for the data collection in question and the new purposes are compatible with the purposes for which the data was originally collected For example, new legal or technical developments and new business models and services may lead to new processing.

3. Customized services

The development and provision of customized functionalities and services for you represents our top priority. Regardless of location, time and equipment, we provide you with an individual shopping experience and an offer tailored to your individual interests. Processing your data to personalize our services is therefore an integral part of Pampa's performance.

For example;

If you create a list of favorites.

If you search for products on our website, we will save your search.

If you have requested our newsletter, we may feature products that match the products visited or your previous orders.

What are customized services?

With personalized services we can offer you greater quality, security and convenience. We use the information we have about you to tailor our communications with you to your needs and interests, especially in our newsletter settings. On this basis, we can provide you with more relevant content that better suits your needs and interests. Of course, you will still have access to all content. However, personalization allows you to see content that is more relevant to you sooner, or content presented to you more specifically (for example, in the form of individual product recommendations).

Why do I need a customer account?

Most of our personalized services require you to set up a customer account so that we can store the data we collect about you in a central location. Otherwise, you may choose to purchase as a guest.

What data is stored in my customer account?

Your customer account will store the information we collect about you and your customer number (CustomerID). The customer number is a randomly generated sequence of numbers that does not contain personal data. Your data will be linked to your customer number to assign it to your customer account. In addition, the customer number also acts as a pseudonym.

What data to use for customization?

The selection of personalized content is basically based on all the data stored in your customer account.

As far as device and access data is used, it is not stored with your customer account this only a pseudonym for each personalization (e.g. in connection with your customer number, but not in connection with your name or other immediately identifiable profile data) is used for the Duration of Use used.

They are not used:

Information in campaigns and surveys, nor your payment information (which we do not possess because they manage the payment companies (Redsys, Paypal) that collaborate with us.


Messages (e.g. from customer service)

Your selection options

In your customer account, you can view most of the information we have stored about your customer account at any time. If necessary, you can also edit this data and influence the personalization, e.g. by communicating your preferences.

As personalization is based on device data and access, you can prevent the collection of such data by disabling the capture of such data by tracking tools. However, please note that you will receive less or no personalized content and services. Please note that data used for personalized services is also required for other purposes (including the provision of our services). The collection of data used for this purpose does not end with deactivation. However, the advertisement shown to you will then not be personalized.

4. Information on websites and applications

We use your information to provide Pampa websites and applications. In addition to the device and access data associated with each use of these services, the nature of the data processed and the purposes of the processing will depend, in particular, on how you use the functions and services provided through our services. We also use the information we collect when you use our services to discover how our online offerings are used. Among other things, we use this information in the context of shopping personalization to improve our services and targeted advertising.

4.1. Supplier

The provider responsible for the service, respectively, can be found in the imprint of the corresponding website or application.

4.2. What data are collected?

In principle, we collect all data that you provide to us directly through our services.

Access data and equipment

Each access to our servers and databases causes device and access data to be recorded in so-called server log files. The IP address contained therein will be anonymized at the end of the respective access at short notice, as soon as the storage is no longer necessary to maintain the functionality of the respective website.

If available and enabled on your device, we will also collect a device-specific identification number (e.g., a so-called "Promotional ID" if you use an Android device or "Ad ID" if you use an Apple device). This device identifier is issued by the manufacturer of your device's operating system and can be read by websites and apps and used to present content based on your usage habits. If you do not want it, you can always disable it in your device's system settings or browser settings.


We set up password-protected personal access for users who register for a customer account or other service. If you do not sign out after logging in with your login information, you will be automatically logged in to most of our services. Depending on the type of service, a cookie or similar technology is used. This feature allows you to use some of our services without having to log in each time. For security reasons, however, you will be asked to enter your password again, for example, if you wish to change your profile data or if you wish to place an order. For more information, please visit "Customized services".

Social complements

Our services may include social plug-ins from various social networks. With the help of these plug-ins, you can, for example, share content or recommend products. The plug-ins are disabled by default and therefore do not send data. You can activate the plug-ins by clicking on the corresponding button (e.g. "Activate social networks"). Add-ons can be disabled with a single click. When plug-ins are enabled, your web browser will establish a direct connection to the web servers of the particular social network. The content of the plug-in is transmitted from the social network directly to your web browser and incorporated into our website. By integrating the plug-ins, the social network receives the information that you have accessed the corresponding page of our website and can register your device and access the data. If you are logged in to the social network, you can also assign the visit to your account on the respective social network. If you interact with the plugins, e.g. click the Facebook "Like" button or leave a comment, the information is transmitted directly from your browser to the social network, where it is stored. The purpose and scope of data collection and the further processing and use of data by social networks, as well as your related rights and settings options for protecting your privacy, please refer to the privacy policy of the respective networks or websites. Links can be found below. Even if you are not logged in to social networks, web pages with active social plugins may send data to the networks. An active plugin sets a cookie with an ID each time you access the website. Since your web browser sends this cookie without asking every time you connect to a server, the social network could, in principle, create a profile of the websites that the user belonging to the ID has called up. And then it would also be quite possible to assign this identifier later, for example, when you later log in to the social network, again a person.

Facebook social plugins

On some sites, we use plugins from the social network facebook.com operated by Facebook Inc, 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook"). The link to Facebook's Privacy Policy can be found here Facebook Privacy Policy..

Twitter social plugins

On some sites, we use plugins from the Twitter social network operated by Twitter Inc, 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA ("Twitter"). The link to Twitter's Privacy Policy can be found here Twitter Privacy Policy.

Social logins

In our services, we can offer you to register directly with your social network account. If you wish to use this function, you will first be redirected to the respective social network offer. There you will be asked to log in with your user name and password. Of course, we do not take note of your registration data. If you are already logged in, you will skip this step. Subsequently, the respective social network will inform you and ask you to confirm which data will be transmitted to us (e.g. public profile, list of friends, e-mail address and current place of residence). With the transmitted data, we create your customer account, so of course we do not store your friends list. There is no longer a permanent link between your customer account and your social network account. In addition, we receive social network data from the respective social network providers.

Purchase customization

Our services use your device and access usage analytics data for shopping personalization purposes. Depending on the type of service, common tracking technologies are used that utilize tracking pixels and identification cookies or comparable identifiers (referred to as tagging). In addition, our affiliates may also collect your device and access data to provide us with information about your interests and demographic information (such as age, gender, region) during your use of our services. This will allow us to present you with advertisements and/or special offers and services that are tailored to your interests (e.g., product recommendations designed to get you to look at athletic footwear only in the last few days). Our goal is to make our offer as attractive as possible to you and to present you with advertisements that are tailored to your interests. Of course, you can continue to use all content and features. However, this site optimization allows us to show you the content and functions that are most relevant to you first. Site optimization is performed automatically by our systems, which detect that users are accessing products and content in certain categories.

If you do not want in situ optimization, you can deactivate this function at any time in the cookie settings: deactivate the "Data processing" function. For other services, deactivate web analysis or application analysis.

Information about website cookies

Our website uses cookies. Accepting cookies is not a requirement to visit our website. However, we point out that our websites may have limited functionality if you do not accept cookies. You can set your web browser to only accept the storage of cookies if you do so.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by your web browser, which include certain settings and data to share with our web server. Basically, we differentiate between two different types of cookies, so-called session cookies, which are deleted as soon as you close your browser and temporary/permanent cookies which are stored for a longer period. This storage helps us to personalize our website and services and makes it easier for you to use them, e.g. by saving certain information about you so that you do not have to repeat it.

Cookies used by our website may come from Pampa or from advertising partners. If you only wish to accept Pampa cookies but not cookies from our advertising partners, you can select an appropriate setting in your browser (e.g. "Block third-party cookies"). In general, the Help menu in the menu bar of your web browser will show you how to reject and disable new cookies. We recommend that, on shared computers set to accept cookies and flash cookies, you unsubscribe completely after you stop using our sites.

For our services, three categories of cookies are used:

Necessary cookies: these cookies are necessary for optimal navigation and operation of the website. For example, these cookies use the Shopping Cart feature to keep products in your shopping cart while you continue shopping. Necessary cookies are also used to store certain entries and settings you have made, so you don't have to repeat them all the time. Without the necessary cookies, the website cannot be used or used in a limited way.

Statistical cookies: these cookies collect device and login data to analyze the use of our websites, such as which areas of the website are used (called browsing behavior), how fast content loads and whether errors occur. These cookies only contain anonymous or pseudonymous information and are only used to improve our website and find out what our users are interested in, and to measure the effectiveness of our advertising. Statistical cookies can be blocked without affecting the navigation and functioning of the website.

Marketing cookies ("tracking cookies"): these cookies contain identifiers and device and access data to tailor advertising on our website to your individual interests. Our advertising partners that operate online advertising networks also collect device and login data on our websites. In this way, we can also show you personalized advertising on other websites and in third-party applications that is tailored to your interests (so-called Retargeting). Marketing cookies can be blocked without compromising navigation or the functioning of the website. If necessary, however, purchase personalization is not possible.

4.3. Application information

App Stores/Installation

The Pampa application is available through third-party application platforms called App Stores (e.g. Google Play and Apple's App Store). Therefore, downloading presupposes prior registration with the respective app store. Pampa has no influence on the processing of data in connection with the registration and use of these app stores. Responsible in this respect is solely the operator of the respective App Store. If necessary, please contact the respective App Store operator directly.

Share content

If the operating system you use has its own function for sharing application content, you can call this our applications on the Share- or Share-part button to share content or recommend products. Depending on what functions your device or operating system has and how the device has been configured, you can also use social networks in this way.

We point out that, in the function used by our application, this is a function of the operating system. We are not aware of the recipients and contents of your communication. For more information about the function of the parties and their configuration options, please contact the manufacturer of the device.

Whether social networks are available for content sharing depends on which social networks you are a member of and how you have configured your account and device. You can find more information in the respective privacy policy of the social networks you use.

Push service

Our apps may use push notifications to inform you about specific events or topics, even if you are not actively using the app. Push messages are a form of app-specific messaging that can be used to directly address you. If you do not want this, you can disable the push service at any time through your device settings and in the settings within the app.

If you enable the push message service, your device will be assigned a device-specific push ID. For technical reasons, push messages cannot be sent to you without an insert ID. The push ID is only encoded, randomly generated sequences of numbers.

System rights

For some functions, our applications need access to specific interfaces and data on your device. Depending on the operating system you use, this may require your explicit permission. In the following, we explain which permissions (if relevant to the processing of your data) our app can query and for which type of functions these authorizations are required. You can customize the permission settings in the system settings of your device at any time.

Location services / location data you must have permission to access your device's location services to allow an application to access the location detected by your device. If you do not allow access, viewing of location-based content may not be available or may be limited.

Notifications/push notifications: Permission is required to use the push service. For some devices, permission is enabled for all apps by default.

4.4. online advertising/retargeting

Our websites and applications contain cookies and similar tracking technologies from affiliates that operate an online advertising network. In this way it is also possible for our advertising partners to capture device data and to access and present on other sites and apps, including from other providers, personalized advertising that is tailored to your interests (e.g., advertising that targets which products you have previously viewed in the Pampa store).

For further information, please refer to "How does Pampa use my data for advertising?".

You can disable the processing of your data for retargeting at any time:

In Pampa, deactivate the "Data processing" function. In other services, disable the usage analysis.

For other sites and applications, you can disable retargeting through the online ad networks listed on the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) opt-out page Deactivate another advertising.

4.5. Usage analysis

We use the usual tracking technologies for the evaluation of device and access data in all our services. That way, we can find out how our users use our offerings in general. Identification cookies and comparable identifiers are used. In this way, we find out, for example, which contents or topics are particularly popular, when our services are used most frequently, from which regions (down to city level) our services are used and which browsers and devices our users use in general.

In addition, we occasionally perform so-called A/B tests as part of the usage analysis. A/B testing is a special variant of usability analysis. A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a procedure for comparing two versions of a website or application in order to find out which version performs better, is more popular, or users can find the content more quickly. Creating an A version and a B version and testing both versions provides data that makes it easier and faster to make decisions about changes to services and content.

To find out which tracking tools are used on our websites and applications, please refer to "Indications on individual web sites".

There you will also find information on how to deactivate the usage analysis.

You can disable the processing of your data for usage analysis at any time:

In Pampa, deactivate the "Data processing" function

For other services, disable usage analysis.

5. Information on social network fanpages

Pampa Drugstore maintains social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram (so-called "Fanpages"). On our fanpages, we publish and share content, offers and product recommendations. With every interaction on our fanpages or other Facebook or Instagram pages, the operators of the social networks record your usage behavior with cookies and similar technologies. The operators of fanpages can consult general statistics on the interests and demographic characteristics (such as age, gender, region) of the fanpage's audience. If you use social networks, social network operators determine the nature, scope and purposes of data processing on social networks.

5.1. Supplier/responsible party

The company responsible for Pampa Online, which acts as a content provider responsible for a fanpage, can consult the details of the legal notice on the corresponding fanpage.

Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland ("Facebook") operates the two social networks Facebook and Instagram.

If you contact us directly via our fanpages or share personal content with us, Pampa is responsible for the processing of your data. An exception applies to the described data processing during the usage analysis (page information), for which we are responsible with Facebook.

Please note that Facebook also processes your data when you use our fanpages for its own purposes, which are not shown in this privacy policy. We cannot influence these data processing operations on Facebook. In this regard, we refer to the privacy policy of the respective social networks.

Facebook privacy policies https://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation/

Instagram Privacy Policy https://www.facebook.com/help/instagram/155833707900388

5.2. What data are collected?

If you visit our fanpages, Pampa collects all messages, content and other information you provide directly to us, such as when you post something on a fanpage or send us a private message. Obviously, if you have a social network account, we may also view your public information, such as your user name, information on your public profile, and content you share publicly. See "What data does Pampa process?"for more information.

Usage analysis (page information)

For each interaction with fanpages, Facebook uses cookies and similar technologies to track the usage behavior of fanpage visits. On this basis, the operators of the fanpage receive so-called "Page information". The page information only contains depersonalized (anonymous) statistical data about the visitors to the fanpage and can therefore not be assigned to a specific person. We do not have access to the personal data that Facebook uses to compile page information ("Page information data"). Facebook is exclusively responsible for the selection and processing of the page information data.

With the help of page information, we obtain information about how our fanpages are used, what interests our fanpage visitors have and which topics and content are most popular. This allows us to optimize our fanpage activities, for example, by better tailoring our content to the interests and usage habits of our audience.

Pampa and Facebook share responsibility for processing your data to provide information about the page. For this purpose, Facebook has reached an agreement as to which company complies with the data protection obligations under the GDPR with regard to the data processing of the page information.

Facebook has summarized the contents of the agreement here:


Legal basis:

Insofar as you have given your consent to the creation of the page information for Facebook, the legal basis is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter a of the GDPR (consent). In addition, the legal basis is Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR, where our legitimate interests lie in the purposes set out above.

5.3. What privacy rights do I have?

The privacy rights described under "What privacy rights do I have?" also apply to the processing of your data in connection with our fanpages.

Facebook is primarily responsible for providing you with information about the data processing of page information and for enabling you to exercise your privacy rights under the GDPR (e.g. right to object). You can find more information about your privacy rights in relation to page information and how you can use them directly on Facebook:


6. Newsletter

We offer several newsletter services including:

Inspirational content such as brand news, trends, offers, sales, categories.

Reminders, e.g. when the price of an item in your wish list drops, if you forget items in your basket or if you requested a size alert.

Surveys to, e.g., find out if you liked the items you purchased.

Personalized recommendations of items we think you might like based on your past orders and browsing behavior.

News of influencers or brands that you can follow on our website.

If you subscribe to receive newsletters, you will receive some of the newsletters described above. In addition, there are also service-specific newsletters, which are an integral part of a special service, e.g. to be informed about limited-time offers and to take advantage of the benefits of Pampa Online.

6.1. How do I subscribe?

To send our notification newsletters (such as the Pampa newsletter), we use the so-called Double Opt-In procedure or the Single Opt-In procedure (depending on the country), i.e. we will only send you a newsletter if you have previously expressly authorized the enabling of the newsletter service. If your country requires Double-Opt-In, you must also have confirmed that the e-mail address you have provided is yours. To do so, we will send you a notification email and ask you to confirm that you are the owner of the email address provided by clicking on a link contained in that email. We may not do so if you have already confirmed to us for any other purpose that you are the owner of this email address.

You can change your preferences regarding receipt of newsletters at any time, via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter. Sometimes you may also receive email reminders if you have left items in your basket without paying. If you do not wish to receive these alerts you can unsubscribe at the unsubscribe link in the email you receive

In addition, you may receive commercial messages from Pampa (subject to competition law), e.g. with individual recommendations after your last purchase, without having subscribed to a newsletter. Further information can be found at "Individual product recommendations by e-mail and push services".

To provide you with more personalized content, Pampa also aggregates data based on your interaction with Pampa and its services. For example, if you open our newsletters frequently, we know you are interested in them and we will be able to meet your needs accordingly, both in terms of frequency and content.

6.2. Cancellation of subscription

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, you may unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe link included in every newsletter or commercial message we send you. You may also send a written message (e.g., e-mail, fax, letter) to the Pampa Online company responsible for the newsletter. To unsubscribe, or in case you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact info@pampadrugtsore.net.

6.3. What data are collected?

When you register for a newsletter, we automatically save your IP address and the times of registration and confirmation. In this way, we can prove that you have actually registered and, if necessary, recognize any misuse of your e-mail address.

We collect device and access information from your interaction with newsletters, transactional emails and push notifications. For this evaluation, newsletters contain references to image files stored on our web server. When you open a newsletter, your email program loads these image files from our web server. We register the device and access the data with a randomly generated identification number (newsletter ID), which we will not use for your identification without your consent. This way we can know if and when you opened a newsletter. The links contained in the newsletters also contain your newsletter ID, which allows us to determine what content you are interested in. To personalize communication, we collect opening and click-through data to provide you with relevant information. We aggregate the data for the newsletter ID and connect your newsletter subscription with your customer account to customize the newsletter content according to your interests and usage habits and to statistically analyze how our users use the newsletter service.

This shopping personalization is an integral part of the Pampa Online newsletter. You can object to the personalization by unsubscribing from the newsletter.

Alternatively, you can disable the display of images in your e-mail program. In this case, however, you will not be able to view the newsletter completely.

7. Individual product recommendations by e-mail and push service

In connection with our services, we present you with information and offers from Pampa based on your interests. We may send you a limited number of individual product recommendations, surveys and requests to rate the products you have purchased, regardless of whether you have subscribed to a newsletter. In accordance with statutory provisions, we primarily use your past purchase data for the selection of individual product recommendations.

For more information on customizing individual recommendations, see "Personalized services".

If you no longer wish to receive our individual product recommendations by email, you can informally opt out at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in each email, or by contacting info@pampadrugstore.net

8. Vouchers

We use the data provided in the context of a Pampa Online coupon order to review and process the order as well as to send and redeem the coupon. This includes the recording and processing of data related to the use of vouchers, in particular to prevent fraud.

For these purposes, we also store the following data:

Date of issue

Voucher value

Voucher code

Personalization data (if indicated)

Name of voucher holder (in case of personal vouchers)

Time of voucher redemption

9. how does Pampa Online use my data for advertising?

We and our advertising partners use your data to provide you with personalized advertising, which will be displayed to you on the Pampa services. To do this, we and our advertising partners use standard Internet technologies. This allows us to advertise in a more targeted way, so that we can only present you with advertisements and offers that are truly relevant to you. This allows us to better meet our users' needs for personalization and new product discovery and to engage your long-term interest in our services through a more personal shopping experience.

9.1. Advertising formats and channels

Advertising formats used by Pampa Online and its advertising partners include displays on Pampa Drugstore (as part of on-page and in-app optimization), social media ads (e.g., Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Video Ads) and advertising space distributed through Pampa's online advertising networks such as Google Ads.

Pampa does not sell personal data. In some cases, we receive summary reports from our advertising and social media partners. These reports show, for example, how our advertising services have affected sales to various customer groups.

9.2. Information for the creation of target groups

For the creation of target groups, we use our own insights from data analysis on the usage and purchase behavior of our users and customers, as well as our market research on user segmentation that we apply to the user data collected by Pampa. In doing so, we take into account, in particular, aggregated, pseudonymized or anonymized purchase data, search histories, interest data and demographic profile data, as well as device and access data.

Our affiliates also have the option to provide us with additional user targeting data collected by the affiliated advertisers themselves. Advertising partners must agree with Pampa to transmit only aggregated, encrypted or anonymized data to Pampa, so that we cannot assign the data to any particular person, in particular to any particular user of the Pampa Online Shop. For some target groups, targeting is also based on the user's browsing behavior. This is the case if the ad is to be presented only to users who recently visited a particular website or searched for specific content.

9.3. How do we use this information for online advertising on Pampa Online?

We use the above information as part of on-site optimization to provide you with more relevant content and recommendations when you search for products, view your feed or visit a product section. On-site and in-app optimization relies on cookies and similar identification technologies to capture pseudonymous device and login data. This data is not used to identify you personally, but is used solely for a pseudonymous evaluation of your usage. Your data will never be permanently merged with other personal information stored about you. With this technology, we may present products and/or special offers and services based on device and login data (e.g., advertisements designed to look exclusively at sportswear in the last few days).

9.4. In social networks

When we advertise in advertising formats of social networks (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), we have the possibility to provide encrypted information to the respective social network about users of Pampa's services (e.g. device and access data such as cookie and advertising IDs, e-mail addresses) whom we suspect belong to an advertiser's target group or have certain characteristics (e.g. age group, region, interests).

The relevant social network, either on our behalf as processor or with the consent of the user concerned, will decrypt the data transmitted by us and the user (insofar as he or she is a member of the social network) will, as part of his or her relationship with the social network, present the advertising we have booked. If you do not want us to use your data to present you with personalized advertisements on social networks, we may disable the sharing of your data. To do so, you have to request the removal of your data for advertising by informing us at info@pampadrugstore.net

If you have given your consent to the transmission of your data to social networks, you may revoke your consent at any time.

You may also have the possibility to deactivate the use of your data for personalized advertising through the social networks you use directly at their respective providers. For more information, please contact them directly:

Facebook (Facebook, Instagram):

Information about Facebook ads

Ad settings for Facebook Google (Google network, YouTube, Google search):

Information about Google Ads

Ad settings for Google

10. to whom is my data sent?

Pampa will only transmit your data if permitted by Spanish or European data protection legislation. We work closely with some service providers, such as customer service (e.g. hotline service providers), technical service providers (e.g. data center operations) or logistics companies (e.g. postal companies such as UPS, GLS). These service providers may only process your data on our behalf under special conditions. To the extent that we use them as a processor, the service providers may only access your data to the extent and for the period required for the provision of the respective service. If you are purchasing from a Pampa partner, we will pass on certain purchase data to the Pampa partner (such as your name and delivery address) so that the Pampa partner can deliver the ordered products to you.

Shipping companies

For the delivery of orders, we work together with external shipping service providers (such as GLS, UPS, Correos Express, Glovo and others). These shipping service providers receive the following data from us for the execution of the respective order:

Your name

Your delivery address

If applicable, your postal number

If applicable, your e-mail address (if the shipping service provider wants to inform you by e-mail about the expected delivery date)

Technical service provider

We work with technical service providers to provide our services to you. Pampa will ensure that the service providers in question, by contract or otherwise, guarantee the protection of your data.

Payment service providers

Pampa offers several payment options, such as payment by credit card, payment with PayPal, bank transfer and Bizum. For this purpose, payment information may be transmitted to the payment service providers we work with. For more information on how these payment service providers process personal information, please refer to their respective privacy policies:

PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, 2449 Luxembourg, Luxembourg. More information can be found at the privacy policy from PayPal.

PAYCOMET, S.L.U. Calle Camino de Valladolid, 2, Local, 28250 Torrelodones, Madrid. You can find more information in Paycomet's privacy policy https://www.paycomet.com/politica-de-privacidad

REDSYS SERVICIOS DE PROCESAMIENTO, S.L. ("Redsys"), located at Calle Francisco Sancha, 12, Madrid. You can find more information about Redsys' privacy policy at: http://www.redsys.es/legal/20200224_política_de_privacidad.pdf

Social media networks

In the context of advertising campaigns, we pass on data to social media providers in the context of data protection law. You will find more information under "How does Pampa use my data for advertising?".

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. a Delaware company headquartered at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States ("Google"). Google Analytics uses "cookies", which are text files placed on your computer, to help the website analyze how users use the site. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information on our behalf for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties where required to do so by law, or where such third parties process the information on Google's behalf. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however, please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website. By using this website you consent to the processing of data about you by Google in the manner and for the purposes set out above.

Authorities and other third parties

To the extent that we are compelled by a decision of the authorities or the court or by a judicial proceeding, we are obligated to pay our share of the proceedsif we are required to do so by law or criminal law, we will disclose your information to law enforcement authorities or other third parties if necessary.

11. what privacy rights do I have?

Based on the relevant legal requirements, you enjoy the following statutory privacy rights: right to information (Article 15 GDPR), right to erasure (Article 17 GDPR), right to rectification (Article 16 GDPR), right to limitation of processing (Article 18 GDPR), right to data portability (Article 20 GDPR), right to lodge complaints to a data protection authority (Article 77 of the GDPR), right to withdraw consent (Article 7, paragraph 3 of the GDPR) and right to object to certain data processing operations (Article 21 of the GDPR). If you wish to exercise your data protection rights, you can contact our team at any time at info@pampadrugstore.net. You can find more information in the section Persons contact us.

Important indications:

To ensure that your information is not disclosed to third parties in the case of inquiries, please enclose sufficient proof of identity by e-mail or by post. As a rule, this is sufficient if you send us your inquiry using the e-mail address stored in your customer account.

You can change most of your data yourself in your customer account. For all other cases, please contact customer service.

The responsibilities of the data protection authorities are based on the seat of the responsible authority. However, you may contact any data protection authority in any member state of the European Union, in particular in your place of residence, which will forward your complaint to the competent authority.

If you have given your consent to the processing of your data, you may revoke it at any time. A revocation does not affect the admissibility of the processing of your data carried out prior to your revocation.

The processing of your data for advertising purposes, including direct advertising (including in the form of data analysis), you can object at any time without giving reasons.

If we support the processing of your data in accordance with a balance of interests pursuant to Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR (e.g. submission of credit data to an external credit bureau), you can revoke the processing. If you object, we ask you to explain why we should not process your information. In case the objection is justified, we analyze the situation and will adapt or delete the processing or share our legitimate reasons on which we can continue the processing.

12. When will my data be deleted?

We will store your personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, in particular to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations. If necessary, we will also store your personal data for other purposes, provided that we are permitted by law to store it for specific purposes, including for the defense of legal claims.

When you close your customer account, we will delete all data stored about you. If it is not possible or necessary to completely delete your data for legal reasons, the data will be blocked for further processing.

Even if your data is not subject to any legal storage obligations, we may rule out immediate deletion in cases permitted by law and instead choose to block it. This applies in particular to cases in which we may still need the data in question for subsequent contract performance or legal prosecution or defense (e.g. in the case of claims). The decisive criterion for the duration of the blocking is the statutory limitation periods. After expiry of the relevant limitation periods, the relevant data will be deleted permanently.

Deletion may not be applied in cases permitted by law, in the case of anonymized or pseudonymized data, which would make processing for scientific or statistical research purposes impossible or difficult.

13. How does Pampa protect my data?

Your personal data is transmitted securely through encryption. This applies to your order and customer login. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. In addition, we protect our websites and other systems by technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification or dissemination of your data by unauthorized persons.

14. Changes to this privacy policy

As we develop our websites and applications and implement new technologies to improve our service to you, changes to this Privacy Notice may be required. Therefore, we encourage you to review this privacy policy from time to time.

15. Contact persons

You can always contact our team at info@pampadrugstore.net if you have questions about data protection and compliance with your rights.

16. Specific service information

Information on the use of the messaging

On our website we use a messaging function. Through it you can communicate with our team, among other things, to agree on which product model or size you prefer, which products you like and to negotiate individual parts of the contract (adding or removing products, etc.). We store your messages in order to improve the quality of our service and to better respond to your needs within the framework of the contractual relationship. Through the messaging function we can offer you additional support for your queries.

This function is based on Article 6, paragraph 1, sentence 1, letter b of the GDPR to provide you with the service you need.

We store data collected through the use of the messaging feature for as long as we need it for the above purposes. When will will you delete my data? More information on the criteria for determining the storage period can be found in point 12 of this data protection notice.

If you choose to use the messaging function, we process the following data:

Name and surname


Place of residence

Messages in chat history


Products that are relevant to you

17. Information about cookies

Here you can find out which cookies we use. You can find an overview of all cookies used here https://www.pampadrugstore.net/en/content/16-cookies-policy

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