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Argentinean Cookies

In Pampa Drugstore we have for you a great variety of the best products from Argentina. Of course, we could not miss the most exquisite Argentinean cookies for you to relive those precious moments of your childhood or to treat yourself with your family and friends.

The cookie is a small-sized culinary preparation, sweet or salty, baked and usually made with wheat flour, eggs, sugar, butter and vegetable oil or animal fat. Nowadays there is a great variety of Argentine cookies, with different types that differ from each other both in their ingredients and in their preparation and baking process, in the cutting tools and molds used.

All regions of the world have their own distinctive style for the cookie, that is why the flavors of traditional Argentine cookies are unique, due to the quality of the ingredients used in their preparation

Buy Argentine cookies online

are you thinking of buying Argentine cookies? Our company offers recognized brands of Argentine cookies so that you can delight yourself with all the great variety we have especially for you.

If you have a craving and want to buy Argentine sweet cookies, we have the ideal solution for you, because we are the online store with the greatest diversity of Argentine cookies brands and with the best prices in the European market! Besides, our purchase process is very easy and we have free shipping service.

Buy traditional Argentine cookies

At Pampa Drugstore we have traditional Argentine cookies for you to marvel with all our products and recognized brands at low prices, especially for you.

The Argentine biscuit industry has been very active for decades. Inspired by traditional recipes, it uses various flours, vegetable fats, sugar, starch, milk, eggs and yeast. Many of the cookies and sweets that are regional specialties are handmade.

Types of Argentine cookies

Argentine cookies have a special place in everyone's taste, to the point that Argentina is among the top ten consumer countries of industrial cookies and cookies, with a volume of around 10 kg per inhabitant per year.

Argentine cookies can be sweet or savory and have become one of the most widely consumed products in the world:

Argentine sweet cookies

Eating Argentine sweet cookies is one of the most cherished memories of childhood. They are a treat to indulge and enjoy at different times, whether at breakfast time, at snack time or as an ideal snack. Therefore, we invite you to buy Argentine cookies in our online store

You can find the following types of Argentine sweet cookies:

- Dulces rellenas: they are made of a cookie dough with a fruit or confectionery filling before baking.

- Obleas: they are thin traditional Argentinean cookies with one or several layers of filling.

As an Argentine dessert par excellence, we can highlight the alfajores which are Argentine sweets, and are filled with dulce de leche. They are also dipped in chocolate, covered with sugar or coconut

Traditional Argentine cookies

Argentine cookies can be accompanied by any snack, such as cheese, jams, dulce de leche or anything else you like. You can find the following types of Argentine crackers:

- Crackers or water crackers: the shape that these crackers have is large in size and rectangular in shape. They are pale toasted in color and have darker areas on the lower and upper surfaces.

- Bizcochitos: their formula combines very simple ingredients such as water, some fat, flour and salt. Generally, bizcochitos are round in shape and we can highlight the fat, sweet and bittersweet bizcochitos.

- Sweets: they are made in a traditional way and are usually filled in abundance

Argentine chocolate cookies

These traditional Argentine cookies have a very special ingredient, nothing more and nothing less than the delicious chocolate. Variations include recipes with different types of chocolate or additional ingredients, such as nuts or oatmeal.

The most typical Argentine sweet cookie par excellence and chocolate is the CHOCOLINAS; it is used to prepare the CHOCOTORTA, which has been elected the best cake in the world.

Chocolate is sometimes considered a forbidden food because of its caloric and high sugar content. However, current studies show that it provides great health benefits for its antioxidant effect, keeps the heart healthy, is good for the brain, is a natural stimulant, helps skin health, is a food with essential nutrients and helps against fatigue, among other advantages

So don't feel bad when you buy Argentine chocolate cookies in our online store, as they offer great contributions to your health

what brands of cookies do we have in Pampa Drugstore?

Argentine sweet cookies can be present at mate, tea or coffee time, and they have earned a special place in everyone's heart for their exquisite taste and presentation

In Pampa Drugstore we are official distributors of the best brands of Argentine cookies such as Criollitas, Express, Sonrisas, Merengadas, Variedad, Assortment Bagley or Opera. Do not hesitate to place your order to get the best flavor directly to your home!

We have many brands of Argentine and Uruguayan cookies. We have to highlight well-known brands such as Galletitas Criolllitas, Galletitas Rumba, Galletitas Opera, Galletitas Bagley, Galletitas Amor y Mellizas, Galletitas Havanna among many others.

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