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Argentine Crackers

Having a delicious appetizer that goes great with the best wines is not difficult at all, because in Pampa Drugstore we have a great variety of crackers and other Argentinean products of excellent quality that we deliver to any place in Spain and parts of the continent

This product is a type of food that is prepared baked, usually as a tapa, and can be served alone or accompanied by a pâté, cold salad, dressing or as part of a fruit and cheese platter

With wines, whether red, white or sparkling, there is usually a variety of these crackers on the tasting table, which you will undoubtedly find at the best prices in our company's official sales platform: Pampa Drugstore

Types of Argentine crackers

There are many types, mainly depending on the additives that are usually incorporated to the original recipe and the type of flour used in its preparation, such as:

- Original crackers

They are those whose presentation is based on the original recipe of the food, i.e., no other ingredients are incorporated

- Integral crackers

In this case no additional ingredients are added, but the flour used is whole wheat flour, either spelt or rice, and they are low in salt.

- Crackers with seeds or cereals

For this type, extra additives are used in addition to those of the original recipe, but always maintaining its natural and healthy essence, so, in general, these additives are seeds or cereals

Ingredients used in crackers

This type of food does not require many ingredients, which is precisely why they are so well received by most people, in addition to being ideal to accompany wine and other alcoholic beverages

The ingredients used in the preparation of crackers are: wheat, rice or spelt flour; barley malt; baking soda or baking powder; salt and, sometimes, they can also have seeds or cereals such as rye or oats, which go very well with the type of food

Differences between crackers and other crackers

For many people they are simple crackers, but the truth is that there is a marked difference between these varieties.

This difference is based on the formation of holes or "docking" in the dough at the time of baking, made to prevent the formation of air pockets inside. In the case of cookies, these holes are not used because it is normal to allow the accumulation of air inside

In addition, crackers are usually sweet, while crackers are salty or have a combination of sweet and salty, so that they can be used as a tapa with different ingredients

how to serve Argentine crackers?

To eat them you just have to feel like eating them. As I mentioned before, it is a very tasty food that you can serve alone or as part of a tapas platter accompanied by different cheeses, cold meats, olives, nuts and fresh fruit

In this way, they are especially appetizing with wines of different types, or with coffee or afternoon tea.

You can also serve them as part of a more elaborate canapé, spread with creams or pates, with different cold salads and sauces of some kind.

Either way, it is a type of food that will be very well received by your guests

Tips for buying crackers

There are many brands that you can get in the market, but Pampa Drugstore's recommendation to choose the best ones is to follow your personal taste

If the cereals or seeds don't appeal to you, it's best to stick to the original version of the recipe. If you are taking care of your figure and your health, the low-salt whole wheat crackers are the best option, and if you love cereals or seeds, buying this version is the best option

what brands of Argentine crackers do we have in Pampa Drugstore?

In Pampa Drugstore you can get the best brands in the market, such as

- Criollitas Original

They come in 2 presentations, both available in the stock of the official sales platform: a pack of 3 units of 100 grams each and the individual pack of 100 grams. Criollitas are the most commercialized original version in Argentina and we make them available to you.

- Bagley Cereals with bran

Bagley Cereals crackers are a version with bran and oat fiber, they are very good to accompany coffee at breakfast and can be spread with the cream, jelly or margarine of your preference, even with cream cheese. They come in a 169 gram presentation

- Hogareñas 6 seeds

This brand is well known for its quality, and incorporates 6 different types of seeds to the original preparation of the recipe. They are also available in 2 different presentations, the 36-unit box and the 189-gram unit of rich Hogareñas

- Hogareñas Mix Cereals

This brand also incorporates different cereals to the original recipe, adding new delicious flavors, among these: soy, barley, oats, almonds, rye, peanuts, sesame, etc. In addition, they add milk and egg to the preparation

Hogareñas Cereal Mix are available in a presentation of 178 grams and the box of 36 units of 176 grams each one with the best prices of the market and direct to the address you indicate in less than 48 hours

- Serranitas

They come in a 200 grams package with an extra large size. They are made with water and salt, just as the original recipe indicates. If you like the typical flavor without additives, Serranitas are an excellent choice

Buy crackers from Argentina online

Buyingproducts from Argentina online with us is very easy. In addition, any of these delicious brands of crackers you can get them at the most affordable prices on the market in Pampa Drugstore, because we have the largest catalog of Argentine products on the market, allowing you to buy them with the greatest convenience and receive them throughout Spain and Europe

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