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Argentine Infusions

Herbal infusions have been for many years of great help for health, thanks to their multiple natural properties. Although we see these infusions as somehow ancient, nowadays they have gained popularity due to their therapeutic and nutritious properties.

Many people who drink coffee or tea are unaware of how healthy herbal teas are, especially yerba mate tea. Infusions are considered a super drink that dates back years and come from different cultures around the world with more than 80,000 varieties that are valued for their benefits to the body.

At Pampa Drugtore we offer yerba mate and other Argentinean infusions, available in Spain and Europe, with home delivery and excellent prices. In addition, you can buy them online with the certainty of being safe and reliable.

Properties of Argentine infusions

Since the Guarani Indians, natives of South America, when they planted Ilex Paraguariensis until nowadays, yerba mate infusions keep natural compounds used for therapeutic purposes, perfect for the body.

Among its properties we highlight:

- Helps prevent Diabetes

In Brazil, the Federal University of Santa Catarina published in the Journal of the American College of nutrition that it is possible to reduce the risk of suffering from Diabetes Mellitus type II by drinking yerba mate infusion regularly. This study was carried out in diabetic patients, and the results showed an improvement in sugar control as well as in the volume of fats in the blood.

In addition, with a balanced diet, it is the ideal treatment to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in these patients, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

- Protects neurons

In Argentina, the University of Buenos Aires published in the journal Movement Disorders that it is proven that yerba mate can help neurons to increase their duration even being affected by Parkinson's disease, since this herb has as a compound theobromine and chlorogenic acid, with properties capable of protecting neurons and that are more powerful than caffeine and nicotine.

- Helps to strengthen bones

A study carried out at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Rosario has proved that drinking mate has a protective effect on bones, helping to maintain bone density. It should be noted that it does not prevent osteoporosis if taken on its own, but it helps to make the body's bone structure stronger, mainly in women when they are in the menopause stage.

- It acts as a cancer cell preventative

A study by the University of Illinois indicated that the caffeoylquinic acid that is extracted from mate and its derivatives, helps the death of colon cancer cells, in addition to reducing the inflammation generated by this cancer.

Just as these infusions help in the prevention of these diseases, they do the same for many other physical and psychological illnesses.

Types of infusions available at Pampa Drugstore

In our online store you can find a wide range of Argentinean infusions of different types, flavors and brands for all tastes

- Infusions in bags.

- Slimming infusions.

- Cooked herbal teas.

- Herbal teas.

- Chamomile tea, ginger and other herbs.

Types of coffees available at Pampa Drugstore

In addition to mate and tea, you can find a variety of exquisite coffees, ready to be tasted. Among the different types you can find:

- Classic instant coffee.

- Classic ground coffee.

Tips to buy quality infusions

- It is important that at the time of acquiring these products, we can know the quality of the same, since this way we can be sure of what we are going to consume and its benefits:

- One of the main recommendations is to always read its description and its nutritional value that every product should carry in its packaging. This allows us to know what the product is designed for, in this case the infusions.

- It is important to know if the store where we are buying has references, to know its identity or address. To do this it is advisable to carefully review their website and social networks.

- It is important not to be fooled by prices. Many times we find products at low or high prices that may seem dubious. In this case we must value the quality of the service, the references of the store and the opinions of the products

- Another way to know if buying tea online is of quality is to observe if the website has active customer service, so we can be sure that when we ask all the questions will be answered.

what brands of infusions do we have on our website?

We have internationally recognized brands, which guarantee the quality of the infusions we want to obtain:

La Virginia, Guaraní, Amanda, Kurupí, Playadito, Rosamonte, Taragüí, Green Hills... These are some of the different brands used, guaranteeing the seal of quality in all the products available in our online store Pampa Drugstore.

can I buy infusions online and have them delivered anywhere in Spain?

In Pampa Drugstore you can buy the Argentine products available and send them not only to all Spain but also to countries all over Europe with 100% security

We have a group of responsible and dynamic workers who are highly qualified both for the good elaboration of orders with all the hygiene standards guaranteed, as well as carriers who work under a contingency process to avoid risk situations and guarantee an excellent delivery of the products.

Argentine infusions are delivered not only in Spain, but also in different European countries, among them

Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Vatican City, Greece, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, San Marino, Monaco, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

However, there are other main destinations where our infusions arrive, among them: Switzerland, Israel, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey and New Zealand.

what are you waiting for to buy Argentine infusions?

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