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Yerba Mate KRAUS Silvestre - 500 GRS

Yerba Mate KRAUS Silvestre - 500 GRS

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Yerba Mate from sustainable agriculture with mint


Smokeless drying.

The great benefit of food organic is that they are absolutely free of chemical residues. In this way, potential problems caused by chemical residues can be avoided health caused by residues, while protecting future toxicwhile at the same time protecting future generations from toxic contamination.
The yerba Mate Kraus is produced according to the principles of sustainable agriculture to achieve long-term soil conservation and fertility and long-term conservation of the soil. In daily practice, Kraus does not use chemical and/or transgenic inputs such as fertilizers, herbicides and synthetic pesticides on crops. In addition, no preservatives, additives, or dyes of chemical origin and/or radiation are used in post-harvest handling, resulting in healthy products with high nutritional value that promote health.

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