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Mate is an infusion made with previously dried, cut and ground yerba mate leaves, a plant native to the Paraná, Paraguay and Uruguay river basins. Traditionally, it is drunk hot through a straw or filtered straw, called a bombilla, placed in a small container called a mate.

At Pampa Drugstore we have the set of mate and bombilla made with materials of excellent quality that guarantee a great durability and functionality so you can relax with this delicious drink.

Types of mate

Mate is an indispensable element to prepare a yerba mate infusion. Therefore, it is very important that you know the different types of mate:

- Pumpkin gourds

They are the most used, they are made with the pumpkin fruit and vary a lot in shape (pear, pore or cookie type) and size. If you need to buy pumpkin gourds, we have in our online store a great variety of designs of different colors and shapes.

- Silver or nickel silver gourds

They are made with gourds, although the difference is that their handmade decoration includes metal ornaments such as silver and alpaca. These gourds of silver or alpaca can also be found cast in silver, that is to say, completely made of this metal.

- Wooden gourds

Depending on the type of wood, each gourd acquires a peculiar flavor. Now is your chance to buy wooden gourds in Spain, because we offer you colorful designs and a natural material that provides that rustic detail.

- Metal gourds

They are very durable, since being metal gourds the material is very resistant to shocks and falls, as well as corrosion and rust.

- Glass gourds

Glass gourds can be lined with leather. In addition to being elegant, they offer good support to the leather that covers them

- Silicone gourds

They stand out for being very aesthetic, with their modern designs, and practical. For you we have cheap silicone gourds and bulbs.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of gourds

All our products are designed to meet your tastes so that you can enjoy your drink.

We have a wide stock for you to buy mate and bombillas of different types, each of them with the following advantages and disadvantages:

- Pumpkin gourds

Pumpkin gourds are inexpensive, the designs can be simple or complex and they are very light

- Glass gourds

Among their advantages we have their elegant designs, that the cost is not very high and that they do not generate unpleasant odors. However, among their disadvantages we find that glass gourds are fragile and care should be taken when using them.

- Silicone mattes

They are relatively inexpensive, many models are very soft, do not break, are lightweight and do not heat up on the outside. Among the disadvantages of silicone gourds are their designs, as they are more basic than those made of other materials.

- Wooden gourds

Wooden gourds have the following advantages: there are a large number of different designs and they do not heat up on the outside. Their disadvantages are that they can break when dropped and that they need to be cured before using them for the first time.

Tips for buying gourds

If you are looking to buy a mate and a bombilla in Spain, and you are not sure which one to choose, do not hesitate to contact us and our technical advice service will help you and recommend the perfect mate and bombilla set for you.

Since the internal material of the mate will define its flavor, it is essential to consider it when buying mate and bombilla. Each type of mate has characteristics that make it perfect for each situation

You also have to consider that some mate materials need to be cured, that is why, if it is made of wood or gourd, you should always cure it before using it. If the mate is made of stainless steel or silicone, it can be used immediately.

what handmade gourds do we have in Pampa Drugstore?

Take advantage of our online store to buy gourds at affordable prices. Our products are ideal as a gift or for yourself.

In Pampa Drugstore we have a wide range of mate and all the accessories you need to enjoy the "millenary green gold".

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