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Mate is undoubtedly a classic of Latin American culture. In this region of South America, its preparation dates back many years and even today it represents an ideal excuse to get together with the family and enjoy a drink that is unparalleled in the world

To make and drink it, a very special utensil made of different materials is used, among them glass, being glass gourds one of the most used due to its efficiency and exceptional characteristics

In Pampa Drugstore we have a great variety, highlighting our exclusive designs that adapt to every taste. So you can enjoy a good mate in the company of your loved ones, no matter where you are in Spain. And the most important thing: without altering the original flavor of the yerba mate

Peculiarities of glass mates

The mate is an instrument specially designed to prepare and drink one of Argentina's traditional beverages, which is obtained from the yerba of the same name

Until recently, they were essentially made from pumpkin, whose fruit received a special cut in its crown, and then the pulp was extracted and left to dry. Later, they were made from wood and other materials, until the time of the glass or crystal mate: one of the most appropriate, according to experts on the subject

This type of gourds have very special characteristics

- They keep the original flavor of the drink

Unlike other types of mate, the glass mate does not alter the original flavor of the drink. Although many people prefer the woody or fruity touch that wooden or pumpkin gourds can offer, the truth is that with a glass mate the experience of drinking the beverage is more real.

- It is hygienic and easy to maintain

Due to its manufacturing material, the glass mate can be cleaned much more effectively and, above all, it is sterile and free of fungi and germs

- The olfactory properties and benefits of yerba are not altered

One of the particularities of glass mate is that, by using it, it is possible to efficiently preserve the olfactory characteristics of yerba and, in addition, to avoid alterations in its natural properties, which have been proven to be beneficial to health in many ways

how to cure a glass mate?

One of the advantages of a glass mate is that, unlike others, it does not require a special treatment to be used

It is enough to buy it, pass it through hot water to achieve a complete hygiene process and ready, you can prepare and drink the traditional beverage without any inconvenience

Tips for buying glass gourds

To buy a glass mate, it is essential to check two things

- Its resistance

Although it is a delicate material, at the same time it becomes a product that lasts over time, so it is important to choose one that adapts to an equally stable taste and also has additional protection systems, as is the case of models that come lined in aluminum or leather

- Size

This will depend on personal taste, but remember that a good mateada depends largely on the size of the utensil to make it comfortably and, if it is efficient, so much the better

Benefits of glass mates

The following are the advantages of using glass mates

- They are more hygienic

Glass mates are easy to maintain, easy to wash and, in essence, prevent the accumulation of liquids that cause the proliferation of fungi and bacteria

- Last over time

Barring any mishap related to a fall, glass mates are very resistant over time because, as mentioned above, they do not accumulate fungus or bacteria, they wash very easily and if they are covered with aluminum or leather like many of the models available at Pampa Drugstore, they can even be resistant to slight falls

- They do not require any kind of curing process

As we have already mentioned, you only need to buy your glass mate to start using it.

- They do not alter the taste, smell or pigmentation of the beverage

This is something that ultimately turns out to be the most important thing of all and that differentiates the glass mate from other utensils created for the same purpose. The glass mate allows you to taste and smell a product 100% of natural origin without alterations produced by wood, fruit or the material used in its elaboration

what glass gourds do we have in Pampa Drugstore?

In Pampa Drugstore we have a wide variety of glass gourds of Argentine origin, such as Mate de vidrio forrado (lined glass gourd) with different designs.

This is a classic Argentinian mate, pear-shaped with a wide nozzle, made of glass and with a non-slip leather lining, which has different designs, the most outstanding ones being

  • Mate of lined glass with Mafalda design.
  • Lined glass mate with Messi design - Barcelona F.C. One of the most glorious moments of the Argentine soccer star
  • Lined glass mate with design of Messi and Maradona with the colors of the flag of Argentina.
  • Mate glass lined with design of the traditional Patoruzú of Patagonia, with the colors of the flag of Argentina.
  • Glass matte lined with leather simile in different designs

Mate Kit Playadito

In Pampa Drugstore you can also get a complete pack to make the best mate, as is the case of Mate Kit Playadito, which includes

  • A glass mate covered with non-slip leather.
  • An alpaca bombilla for stirring.
  • A package of yerba mate brand Playadito

Buy glass gourds online

If you have decided to buy a glass mate, in Pampa Drugstore you will find the best ones, with the advantages that come with the use of this type of mate, and with the most original designs, in addition to its high quality and unbeatable prices

All this through our online platform, where you can buy products of Argentine origin to enjoy throughout Spain and some European countries.

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