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Personalized Mates

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Having personalized mates at home or at work is about sealing your brewing experience to your preferences and desires. The mate, which is already a unique object, can now be custom-made for you as one of the many objects that hold a special value in your own life. You can personalize mates in Pampa Drugstoreal to drink mate, with your experiences, memories, names, thoughts, among other infinite possibilities, but you can also customize them as a personalized gift for those who share with you the traditional passion for yerba mate.

The options we offer are varied: personalized gourds made of gourd, steel or leather. In these materials, we make the engravings you like the most, such as: dates, phrases, names, shields, vector images, logos or stamps, among others.

The benefits of personalized mates range from marking the container with your name for its exclusive use, to turning a usual object into something more intimate, more yours or more similar to what you are or what you think. Remember that more than a container and more than a drink, mate is culture and identity. We know what it represents and, for this reason, our goal is to give it the value it deserves

Types of personalized mate at Pampadrugstore

Personalizing mate begins by taking into account the type of material of the container. It is not the same to make an engraving on leather than on steel, for example. The types of gourds that we customize at Pampadrugstore are in the following ranges: gourd, steel and leather. Below, we tell you what each one consists of

Personalized pumpkin gourds

Pumpkin gourds are the oldest and most legendary. They are usually made from a plant called lagenaria or common gourds and must have a level of strangulation in the shape. It is widely used and there are even those who are exclusive with this type of material because of its quality, tradition and economy.

The types of personalized gourd gourds available at Pampadrugstore are: the torpedo gourd and the imperial gourd. They come covered with leather or silicone to insulate the heat and with metal ferrule in the mouth of the container. You can customize these gourds on the body or on the metal ferrule

Personalized steel gourds

Stainless steel gourds have the following advantages: they remain unalterable over time, avoid dirt due to their smooth and non-porous material, and corrosion resistant. Although they are not the typical and traditional gourds for priming yerba mate, and, although they do not have the plus of wood or pumpkin aroma, they are highly sought after for their resistance, hygiene and because they do not need to be cured.

At Pampa Drugstore we have customized siliconized steel gourds of the trucker or torpedo type. They come with four legs and ferrule, which allows a level of laser customization on both the metal and the body. You can include vector designs, lettering, names and phrases, and customize them to your taste and whim.

Personalized leather mates

At first, we must clarify that this type of containers are not made of leather as such, but are made of gourds or wood, but are lined with hand-sewn leather. The interesting thing about this type of gourds is the ornamental capacity they have, their variety of designs and the handcrafted look they show. They come in various shapes, sizes and styles: torpedo gourd, imperial gourd or trucker gourd. Leather serves not only to decorate, but also to insulate the heat of the drink.

In addition, leather gourds are ideal to personalize with laser engravings of names, phrases, dates and vector images, which you can add both on the body of the gourd and on the ferrule. If the body is embossed, you will have to choose the design to be personalized very carefully. It is recommended that the leather is smooth.

how do we engrave the different types of mate?

At Pampa Drugstore, the engraving service for personalized mattes must be added to the purchase of the product. You can also use available designs or the one of your preference, as long as it is of optimum quality.

We engrave torpedo, imperial, trucker and also in steel or aluminum. The engraving technique is laser engraving, in an engraving area of 3 x 3 cm. It is necessary that you indicate the area of the matte you wish to engrave and the matte's tonality to choose the design. Then, you will have to attach the engraving guide we send to info@pampadrugstore.net

You can engrave vectors, letters and other designs, except photographs. The engraving time is between 5 and 7 working days, depending on demand

what is the price of the matte personalization service?

The price of our gourd personalization service varies according to the type of engraving and the material of the gourd:

  • Laser engraving service on the gourd body: 8,90 €
  • Laser engraving service on the full ferrule in imperial matte: 9,90 €
  • Laser engraving service on half ferrule: 8,90 €
  • Laser engraving service on thermos: 13,90 € 13,90
  • Laser engraving service on bombillas: 4,90 €

Buy personalized gourds at Pampadrug Store

In Pampadrugstore you can also buy your personalized gourds with the insignia of the Estudiantes de la Plata Sports Club, the Gimnasia y Esgrima Club or the Club Atlético del Rosario Central.

This type of containers are called mates sabios, or mates santos, and have characteristics that revolutionized the mates in Argentina: yerba mate emptying system. This system is resistant, practical, takes care of the bombilla and is highly hygienic to drink mate anywhere. And what's even better: you can customize it with your favorite sports clubs or with the designs of your choice!

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