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Pumpkin gourds

There are drinks that become more than a refreshing and complementary liquid, being an icon that is part of the culture and tradition of a place; this is what happens with mate, a typical drink from Argentina that you can find in Pampa Drugstore from where we ship all over Spain and part of Europe.

But not only that, you can also get the best models of containers to prepare and drink mate, the well-known "mates", made of different materials and, above all, the original gourd mate with the perfect finish, so you can enjoy your favorite drink in the container of your choice

Types of gourd gourds

Mates are the containers traditionally used for drinking mate as the classic infusion of the Rio de la Plata culture

Nowadays, there are mates made of different materials: silicone, glass, wood and gourd mates

The latter are the most basic, rudimentary and autochthonous of the matera culture

Peculiarities of gourd gourds

The gourds made from gourd, also known as mates porongo, unlike other glass, wood and silicone jars, have certain peculiarities

- They are natural

They are containers made from a fruit of great properties, which in one way or another is molded to shape the necessary utensil to enjoy the best classic mates

It is a product of 100 % natural origin that does not present any type of contraindications from the point of view of the health, beyond the suitable treatment that must be given to the product to maintain its hygiene

- They provide a special flavor

Because they are created from a fruit such as pumpkin, they give the infusion a very original and native flavor, which many people love

- They are more economical

They require raw materials provided by nature itself and a simple elaboration process, so their prices are the most accessible in the market

- Variety of designs

The material used to make this type of gourds is very malleable, so although they usually keep the traditional shape of the pumpkin, they can also have different handmade shapes according to each person's taste. Everything will depend on the size of the fruit and the skill of the manufacturer

how to cure a gourd mate?

Unlike silicone and glass gourds, pumpkin gourds, just like wooden gourds, require a previous curing process before being used

This process begins even before the container is made, since it is necessary to subject the fruit to a drying process to later extract the pulp and give it the required shape and design

To cure the mate, you must smear the mate with vegetable oil or butter, thus sealing the pores of the fruit, avoiding cracks and excessive transfer of flavor and textures.

The process follows, you can see the detail in the blog article referred to it

Tips for buying pumpkin gourds

When it comes to choosing a mate, gourd gourds will always be an excellent alternative: they represent years of culture and are really the most traditional on the market

Now then, some practical tips that will help you choose the best design are

- Check its shape and size

According to your special needs, you should ideally choose a gourd that has a size proportional to your requirements

An advantage of gourd gourds is that you can find different models and sizes in the market

- Stay true to tradition

If you decide on a gourd gourd, stay true to the tradition of the form and artisanal creation: the more rudimentary the elaboration process, the greater the benefits in terms of flavor and resistance

- Take care of your investment

Although it is not an eternal product, its resistance and durability will depend on the good use and care you give it

If you want it to be useful for many years, keep the mate clean and dry after use to avoid cracks

If your mate has a special external coating, such as leather, it is best not to wet them to clean them, since water can be stored between the two materials and lead to cracks, fungus, etc

In these cases, wet only the inside and dry very well with a cotton or paper cloth

what types of gourds do we have in Pampa Drugstore?

In our online store, Pampa Drugstore, you can find a great variety of pumpkin gourds, since being the traditional gourds for this Argentinean infusion, they could not be missing in the stock of the store:

- Simple gourds

They are the most typical and simple models that you will be able to get in the market, but very useful. For many people, they represent the opportunity to live the experience of drinking mate in a 100% traditional way

Among the models available at Pampa Drugstore, there is a classic model in natural color at an unbeatable price. Are you going to miss it?

- Gourd and leather gourds

We also have incredible models of gourd gourds with an outer leather coating, maintaining the typical benefits of the original container and providing good grip, design, elegance and comfort

Among our wide variety of gourd and leather gourd models, we highlight

- Laser engraved gourd gourds

Additionally, we offer aspecial service to engrave our gourds coated in leather or their ferrules, you can develop it more seeing the technical data sheet of the engraving of the gourd body and ferrules

Price of gourd gourds

As for prices, being a product of natural origin, they are usually more affordable than other models; however, taking into consideration the design and style that is added with the leather coating can increase its value a little as for example Mate Imperial Croco

At Pampa Drugstore we offer you the best pumpkin gourds prices in the market: you will not find them cheaper and with our quality!

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