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Silicone and others

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Silicone gourds

Over the years, the material used to make gourds has evolved, achieving more resistant products that are easier to maintain and that guarantee years of useful life, versatility and resistance.

These are the silicone gourds, one of the most innovative, malleable and strong versions of the typical gourds. It is one of the favorite options of the new generations that still preserve the tradition of consuming this refreshing beverage in a jovial and updated, but equally classic way

In Pampa Drugstore you will find the best selection, with a great variety of models, colors and designs specially designed for the lovers of the most representative drink of the Argentine culture.

Peculiarities of silicone gourds

As all the versions of the market, the silicone mates present unique characteristics that differentiate them from the rest, such as:

- Their material is flexible

Silicone is a silicon polymer that is characterized by its elasticity, therefore, one of the most notable characteristics of this model is its flexibility

This allows this type of container to be much more hygienic, ergonomic and to present different shapes and novel pigmentations

- Easy to maintain

They are containers that are easy to maintain because their material is strong and they can be sanitized and preserved in different ways, using or not various chemical products

Thanks to their high resistance to heat, they can even be sterilized with hot water, thus guaranteeing greater neatness and hygiene, although by their nature they do not allow fungi and bacteria to attach, so it is not strictly necessary

- They are resistant and durable

The malleability and hardness of this component make the products created from it highly resistant, practically eternal. Thus, they withstand shocks, high and low temperatures (within normal limits), friction, falls, etc

- They do not alter the original flavor of the beverage

This is one of the most outstanding features, because mate lovers know how important it is to preserve the original flavor of the drink. Having a container that allows to savor the essence of a mate is the real reason to buy one of these products, beyond its resistance or its attractiveness

With this new format, the flavor of the beverage is not altered; in fact, this material helps to maintain the right temperature for its consumption for a longer time, regardless of the external temperature

- It is a versatile product

Although it is not recommended to use a mate to drink other types of beverages, with the silicone one this is a real option that does not harm the main task of the container at all. As they do not retain odors or flavors, you can use them for different beverages without any inconvenience

- There is a variety of models and colors

Unlike others, these can be given the desired shape at the time of manufacture, hence their great variety. Although the traditional shape is often retained to ensure a classic experience, there is much more experimentation with pigmentation: there are many colors available!

- They are more accessible

This is one more advantage of silicone, it is affordable and, therefore, products created from it are also inexpensive

Tips for buying silicone mattes

When buying a silicone mate, the most important thing is to verify that it is a product specially created to enjoy a mateada, so among the details to consider we recommend you

- Choose a good size one

You will find many versions in the market, but you should choose one that suits your needs and allows you to enjoy the right amount of mate

- Keep a little bit of the classic style

One of the advantages is its versatility, there are different shapes and sizes on the market, but if you can keep a bit of tradition, do it! Go for a mate that is new in terms of its material, but classic in terms of shape, so your experience will be complete

is a silicone mate toxic?

At Pampa Drugstore we are pleased to tell you that all the silicone products you will find in our online stock are completely free of Bisphenol A or BPA, so they are non-toxic and, therefore, do not cause any short or long term damage to the body

how to cure a silicone mate?

Another advantage of silicone gourds is that, unlike wooden and gourd gourds, they do not require curing or prior preparation to start using them, it is only recommended to wash them and they are ready to enjoy

Price of silicone gourds

Silicone gourds have one of the most accessible prices in the market, because their manufacturing material is cheap and the manufacturing process does not require a much higher investment than the handmade versions

Even so, market prices vary and, only in Pampa Drugstore, you will find the most affordable ones, without losing the characteristics of its model and design, nor its additional benefits

Silicone mates brands at Pampa Drugstore

Among the most well-known and excellent quality brands that you will find in Pampa Drugstore, we highlight the following ones

Mateo Silicone Mate

This is one of the most recognized brands in the market, mainly for its variety of colors and ergonomic designs, but 100% traditional in terms of shape and quantity. In addition, they stand out because they maintain the temperature, but without transferring it to the hand, and have been awarded for their resistance and durability

In Pampa Drugstore you will get designs such as the Mate Mateo with 100% silicone bulb in a variety of colors, seven in total: white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple; you will also get a mini version of this model.

Additionally, we have a special model: Mate Mateo Pampa: with an exquisite blend of traditional and modern design, thermal, stable, easy to empty and with bulb included, it is available in different colors

Buy silicone gourds online

Your best option to buy silicone gourds online is Pampa Drugstore: we have a good selection of the best models and the most prestigious brands, all at affordable prices

Dare to live a classic experience, but with a different touch, and try the new silicone gourds from our wide stock

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