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Stanley Thermos flasks

One of the most recognized containers for hot or cold beverages in the market for its excellent features are the Stanley thermos flasks

In Pampa Drugstore you will find the best models of this brand, and the most coveted in Spain and Europe: we have special designs to carry water for mate available at the best prices, secure payment and home delivery.

what is a thermos?

It is a product used to store beverages maintaining a temperature level according to the needs of the same, using different thermal insulation systems that is part of the original design of the article

There is a lot of variety and prestigious brands in the market, but only in Pampa Drugstore you can get the best brand thermoses: Stanley, with exceptional prices and a wide range of models for you to choose the one you need.

Accessories for Stanley thermoses

Among the accessories for Stanley thermoses we highlight:

- Stanley thermos lid

It represents one of the essential components of the thermos, because thanks to its adjustment system with a special compatible plug for priming mate, as it allows serving water with its pouring spout avoiding spills, the temperature is preserved for much longer. In addition, there are different models available according to the model of the thermos

Characteristics of Stanley thermos flasks

Stanley thermos flasks were born from the original idea of William Stanley, who came up with a new way to maintain the temperature of liquids in containers with a high performance system

Stanley thermos flasks are characterized by

- Steel thermal insulation system

All Stanley containers have a double steel inner lining with vacuum chambers, which allow the temperature of beverages to be maintained for a long time

- Versatility

Another of the particularities of these thermoses is that there is a wide range available on the market, from thermoses for hot or cold drinks such as mate

- Convenience

Most Stanley designs are ergonomic thermoses, created with the different activities of the users in mind, including sports activities such as hiking or mountain trekking; that is why they have elongated bodies and are easy to carry in the hand

- Resistance

The materials used in the creation of the thermoses are of very good quality, so they are containers that can withstand falls, blows and prolonged use over time

- Simple design

It is a product with original design and remains true to the original standards of creation, so people maintain confidence in the manufacturer

Tips for buying Stanley thermoses according to my needs

When buying a Stanley thermos you should consider your needs, so following these practical tips could help you make the right decision and choose the right design:

- Determine its use

what do you need it for? This is the first thing you should take into account: whether it is to keep a liquid cold, hot, or the water for the traditional mate, etc

- Establish the quantities

Depending on the amount of beverage you need to keep at a controlled temperature, you can choose a design with more or less capacity

In this way, its maintenance will be simpler and its price more accessible.

- Check all options

Before making your purchase, take a look at the brand's models available in stock at our Pampa Drugstore, and compare the specific features of each one to determine whether or not it is the thermos you need to meet your needs

what types of Stanley thermoses do we have at Pampa Drugstore?

In the Pampa Drugstore online store, you can get different types of Stanley thermoses: classic or premium designs which you can customize with our new laser engraving service and with different storage capacities (from 750 cc to 1.90 l)

The most outstanding Stanley thermos models are

- Stanley "The Legendary Classic" Thermos

The Legendary Classic is the most traditional thermos of the brand, with a beautiful design in green or black color, stainless steel and a capacity of 750 ml

It also comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, and can be used for both hot and cold beverages for up to 24 hours or 120 hours on ice

There is also a 1.40 liter version available with a handle

- Stanley "Classic Bottle" Thermos

This is one of the thermoses with a handle included for easy handling. It has a capacity of 1 liter, with a practical elongated and ergonomic design in black, green or blue. The Stanley "Classic Bottle" has a 5-year warranty and keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours.

- Stanley "Cast Black" Thermos

This model called "Cast Black" of the Stanley brand is part of the brand's professional use master series, so it offers exceptional thermal insulation, more durable than others

Its capacity is 1.3 liters, its design is wide and has a handle. It is BPA free and easy to maintain

It is capable of keeping ice for 6 days, cold drinks for 35 hours and hot drinks for 40 hours

- Stanley "Classic Hammertone" Thermos

The Stanley "Classic Hammertone" Thermos belongs to the classic series, it is available in blue and green

It stands out for its large capacity equivalent to 1.90 liters, it is lightweight, ergonomic and has a handle included

It keeps drinks hot and cold for up to 24 hours

Buy Stanley thermoses online

To buy Stanley thermoses is not necessary to move out of the comfort of your home, you will find them available online at Pampa Drugstore, with the best prices on the market, quality and warranty.

We have a wide variety, availability and security. In addition, we offer you the engraving service to customize your thermoses and all your matero equipment, so you can enjoy products with an original and personalized design

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