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Argentine sparkling wines

There are countries around the world that have made a name for themselves as producers of fine wines, among them Argentina. A country that for hundreds of years has been dedicated to the cultivation of the best grapes for the production of red, white and, more recently, sparkling Argentine wines of great international recognition.

Therefore, in Pampa Drugstore we can not fail to offer you the best Argentine sparkling wines, with very special characteristics that delight the palate and have become the favorite of all Spaniards. All this at the most accessible prices of the market and the possibility of sending our products to any corner of the country and to other points of the European continent

Types of Argentine sparkling wines

While Champagne, recognized worldwide as the sparkling drink par excellence, is produced in the French region of the same name, which gives it the unique conditions of its body and consistency, Argentina also produces many of the best sparkling wines in the world.

They are sweet wines that, according to this characteristic, can be classified as follows

- Argentine sparkling wines brut nature, extra brut and brut

According to the amount of sugar per liter contained in the sparkling wine, it can be brut nature, which contains at least 3 grams of sugar; extra brut, with up to 6 grams of sugar; and brut, with up to 15 grams

- Argentine sparkling wines extra dry, dry and semi-dry

Likewise, they can be extra dry if they contain an amount equivalent to between 12 and 20 grams of sugar; dry if the proportion of sugar ranges from 17 to 35 grams, and semi-dry up to 50 grams

- Sweet Argentine sparkling wines

Finally, those wines with a proportion greater than 50 grams of sugar per liter of wine are considered sweet wines

Types of white grapes used in Argentine wine

Now, just as merlot and tempranillo grapes are used in the production of red wines, it is also possible to classify the types of sparkling wines in Argentina according to the type of grape used in their production, the most recognized being the following

- The Chardonnay grape

It is one of the most noble grape varieties harvested in Argentina. It is used to produce white and sparkling wines with sweet and fruity flavor and aroma.

From it are obtained sparkling beverages as well known as: Cruzat Finca la Dama and Alma Negra Blanc de Blanc Magnum.

- The Pinot Noir grape

This variety of French origin, which has adapted very well to the Argentine climate, owes its name to the shape of its cluster, tight and with a figure similar to that of a pineapple

It produces very delicate sparkling wines, with a taste and smell of red fruits and cinnamon. A good example is the famous Cadus

Normally, these 2 varieties of grapes are usually blended to produce excellent sparkling wines such as

  • Rutini Brut Nature.
  • Baron B Brut Rosé (with a touch of Malbec).
  • MEG Brut Nature.
  • Rosell Boher Grand Cuvee 70 Months.
  • Las Perdices Nuit 730.
  • Bohème (with subtle notes of Pinot Meunier).
  • Schroeder Brut Nature.

Sparkling wine regions in Argentina

Depending on the type of grape, the areas in Argentina that most often produce sparkling wine are the following

- Mendoza, San Rafael and Río Negro, which grow Chardonnay

- Mendoza and Patagonia, which grow Pinot Noir and, therefore, where most Argentine sparkling wine is produced

Tips to buy sparkling wine from Argentina

If you want to buy the most recognized brands of sparkling wine at affordable prices, it is best to leave the job to the experts, such as Pampa Drugstore, the online store where we take care of finding the most recognized examples of sparkling wines from Argentina and deliver them to your door or to the place you need in less than 48 hours

No worries and no need to check all the shelves of your local supermarkets. Just access our online sales platform and choose what you want

what brands of Argentine sparkling wine do we have in Pampa Drugstore?

Among the Argentine sparkling wines that you can choose from Pampa Drugstore, we highlight

- New Age sparkling wine: rosé of 750 ml

The New Age is a brand of Argentine sparkling wine of pink color with aroma of fruits and flowers. It comes from Bodega Chiche, in the town of San Rafael, in the province of Mendoza.

- Cosecha Tardía sparkling wine: 750 ml rosé wine

Cosecha Tardía has a persistent flavor and an extremely pleasant consistency. It is a delicate wine that will let small and delicious bubbles form on your palate. It also comes from the province of Mendoza, one of the largest producers of sparkling wines in Argentina

These are just some examples of the great selection of different wines that you can buy with us, because buying Argentine sparkling wines with Pampa Drugstore is a very simple experience.

Buy sparkling wines from Argentina online

To buy the sweetest and smoothest sparkling wines from the best vintages of Argentina you don't have to go far, buy a plane ticket and stamp your passport, you don't even have to leave home!

From the comfort of your home, either with your computer or your cell phone, you can access Pampa Drugstore 's online sales platform and see the wide selection of this type of Argentine wines. All of them are top quality, with an aromatic, tasty and colorful record that has no competition in the market

Once you have found the one of your preference, of the brand you like the most, you only have to formalize the purchase and indicate the delivery address. The best thing is that we reach any point of Spain and the whole European Union and many other destinations. Don't wait any longer!

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