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Vinos Tintos

Red Wines from Argentina| Pampa Drugstore

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Argentine red wines

For Argentina, Argentine red wine is a flagship cultural representation of the country worldwide and the driving force behind much of its fame in Europe. Although it is true that its roots come from this same continent, over the years it has acquired its own character, becoming one of the most internationally known wines for its quality

At Pampa Drugstore we offer you the most renowned Argentine red wines and we take care of delivering them to any part of Spain and other European destinations, all this through a safe and simple purchase process that will not take you more than five minutes.

We have Argentine red wines of numerous grape varieties such as Malbec red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon red wines, Pinot Noir red wines, Merlot red wines.

Also within our great winery we have prestigious wineries such as Navarro Correas, Nieto Senetier, Norton, Rutini, Trumpeter, San Felipe and San Telmo among many others.

Buy red wines from Argentina online

The easiest and fastest way to buy red wines from Argentina online is through our official online platform. At Pampa Drugstore you will be able to choose sweet Argentine red wines from our wide range of products at special prices and with delivery in 24-48 hours

Types of Argentine red wines and their grapes

The viticulture in Argentina is quite wide and includes several brands and types of red wines. However, the oldest grape variety, and the one that has always had the greatest national and international representation, is the Argentine red wine Malbec, a robust and full-bodied wine, with a fruity aroma and a smooth and velvety taste

- The Malbec

Malbec is considered the Argentine red wine of reference in the world, followed by wines from the Bonarda grape variety, the second most cultivated grape variety in the country, which produces wines of intense tone and great consistency.

Different types of Argentine wine are obtained from it: traditional Malbec, sparkling or rosé, among others. Even white wine can also be produced, although it is not so usual. This grape variety is typical of the Mendoza region, but, in turn, it is a grape variety that is grown all over the country.

However, there are also other red wines typical of the country's viticulture, among them the following

- Merlot

One of the smoothest and most aromatic Argentine red wines. It is not produced in such an intensive way, however, it has a very high quality. In fact, Merlot is one of the favorites of Argentines and Europeans.

It is a light grape grown in the Argentinean areas of Mendoza and Rio Negro. The wines obtained from this grape variety are light and loaded with diverse aromatic nuances

- Tempranillo

It is a very versatile type of wine of which there are different elaborations and presentations, ranging from a very young wine with light reddish or pinkish tones, to aged wines with greater consistency and an intense tone. Both are highly acclaimed worldwide for their particular woody flavor.

Red and white wines of magnificent quality can be obtained from this grape variety. It is native to Spain, specifically Rioja.

- Cabernet Sauvignon

A red wine with a robust body and very smooth flavor. The Argentine red wine of this species is one of the most elegant and aromatic in the world market. Undoubtedly, one of Argentina's red wines par excellence.

This grape variety originates from the Bordeaux region, France, which has adapted perfectly to the lands of Argentina. It produces smooth, full-bodied wines of excellent quality

Red winegrowing areas in Argentina

Argentina has always had the climatic and geographical conditions for the cultivation of the different types of grapes involved in the production of wines that are recognized all over the world

From north to south and from east to west, there are Argentine regions dedicated exclusively to viticulture, the most outstanding being Mendoza, where different grape varieties are grown, mainly Malbec. More than 70% of Argentine red wine production comes from this region

Other red wine producing areas in Argentina are also Buenos Aires, Cajamarca, Córdoba, La Rioja, San Juan and, more recently, Río Negro and Santa Fe.

Tips for buying Argentine red wine

From Pampa Drugstore we make sure that when buying red wine from Argentina you consider the following tips to guarantee your satisfaction when purchasing it:

- Determine the type of wine of your preference

Each type of wine has a different taste, smell and consistency. The ideal is to determine very well the type of wine you like the most and, according to the characteristics of the Argentine wine, make your choice

- Check the wine pairing

All Argentine red wines have their magic, especially those we have in Pampa Drugstore's catalog. Each of them has a different pairing that you should take into account when making your purchase and cover your preferences.

- Enter Pampa Drugstore's platform

Everything you need is in our electronic sales platform: the best qualified wines of the Argentine market, ready to be delivered all over the European Union

what brands of Argentine red wine do we have in Pampa Drugstore?

There are Argentine red wines of different brands and in Pampa Drugstore you can find a great variety of them, especially those most recommended from renowned wineries such as:

- Navarro Correas Wines

A winery with years of experience in the wine world, producers of wines with body, distinctive color and fruity aromas, coming from different grape varieties, mainly Malbec and Carbernet Sauvignon. The most recommended are: Los Árboles, Estructura, Selección del Enólogo and Colección Privada. These wines pair perfectly with red meats

- Nieto Senetiner Wines

The classic Nieto Senetiner is a Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec wine; intense, vigorous, with vanilla, peppers and cassis flavor, slightly woody. It is elegant, robust, ripe and ruby-colored. Excellent for pairing with red meats and fish

There are also other wines from this winery that are highly recommended, such as Benjamín (with premium Malbec grapes)

All the brands of Argentine red wine available for you in Pampa Drugstore guarantee flavor, body, aroma and tone from the hand of a wine of unsurpassed harmony, made in the best wineries in the country under strict quality standards

Therefore, buying any of these Argentine red wines is the best option, don't hesitate! Buy your Argentine red wine with us and have it delivered to different parts of Europe

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