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Norton red wines

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The Norton red wine winery honors its winemaking past and present by maintaining corporate policies in favor of the environment and with social responsibility towards its employees. So far, this Argentine wine brand has four sustainability certificates: 3 from Boreau Veritas and one from Fairtrade. Basically, its principles are quite plausible: caring for the land, reducing carbon emissions, achieving a production of environmentally friendly bottles and the conscious use of water.

Norton Wines is located in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, and its 5 vineyards are spread across one of the most privileged regions for wine growing, called Primera Zona. This location, in addition to more than 100 years of experience in the wine industry, is combined with the age of its vineyards. Most of them are more than 30 years old, although the winery has several hectares with 80-year-old vines.

At Pampa Drugstore it is an honor to have years of winemaking tradition in our catalog, and Norton Wines occupies a privileged place in the tastings of both Europeans and Argentines living in Europe. If you are looking for a good Argentine wine, the variety we offer you online will meet your expectations

Varieties of Norton red wines at Pampa Drugstore

Currently, we have in stock 7 types of Norton wines in several versions and according to the type of vines: Malbec and Pinot Noir

would you like to know them? Here are the tasting notes, the varietals and the year of their harvests:

Norton Reserva Malbec

This is a complex and elegant wine, made from grapes between 30 and 50 years old in the Argentine province of Mendoza. According to its winemakers, this wine is a good expression of the result between fruit and oak. Harvested in 2019, the tasting notes of the Norton Reserva Malbec are as follows: 100% Malbec, intense red color, aged with spices, tobacco, ripe black fruits and floral tones such as violet. Tasters will be able to feel a wine with ample tannins and persistence at the end. Serve with game, pork, beef, pasta and mushrooms.

Norton DOC Malbec

DOC means "Denomination of Controlled Origin", which means that this wine certifies that all its grapes come from the privileged area of Luján de Cuyo. The Norton DOC is 100% Malbec and has the following tasting notes: red color with violet tones, product of the combination of black pepper, ripe red fruits and an aging process through French oak barrels. With soft tannins, long finish and round structure, you can serve it with red meats, pork, beef and roasts

Norton 1895 Malbec

The date that gives its name to this wine reflects the winery's honor for its founding date. It is made from 100% Malbec grapes and has a purplish red color. The Norton 1895 Malbec has been aromatized with floral tones and black pepper, and, during tasting, you will find tannins that produce a good harmony between fruit and wood, with a velvety finish. You can pair it with beef, pork or big game, mushrooms and pasta, to taste its 30 to 50 years old grapes

Norton Porteño Malbec

The distinction of the label on this Norton wine shows the Buenos Aires emblem of the Porteño steak. Its bottle, different from the classic Norton wines, contains a wine product made with high quality grapes from the Luján de Cuyo region, aged in American oak barrels, with ripe fruit and black pepper. This Norton Porteño Malbec has soft tannins and a lingering finish, and can be paired with beef or pork, roasts and spicy Creole food

Norton Colección Malbec

Malbec grapes harvested at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Argentina (Luján de Cuyo) reflect the quality and elegance of this Norton red wine. It has complexity and good body, with fleshy tannins and an enveloping finish. It has been aged in French oak barrels, with ripe plums and spices, and can be paired with stuffed pasta, roasts and stews

Norton Altura Pinot Noir

The elegance of its bottle reflects the delicacy in which this wine has been made: hand-picked grapes, cold maceration and fermentation in concrete tanks. It has a light ruby red color, combined with violet and cherry fragrances. The tannins of Norton Altura Pinot Noir are round and smooth, with an enveloping finish, and it is 100% Pinot Noir. You can taste it with roasts, game, beef, pork and mushrooms.

Price of Norton red wines

In Pampa Drugstore you will find red wines from the prestigious Bodega Norton at prices quite affordable for all wine lovers. All Norton wines (prices) include taxes:

Pack Reserva: Norton Reserva Malbec + Trumpeter Reserva Malbec: with free delivery transport: 41,95 €.

Norton Reserva Malbec: 19,69 € base price + VAT

Norton DOC Malbec: 17,90 € base price + VAT

Norton 1895 Malbec: 11,95 € base price + VAT

Norton Porteño Malbec: 9,79 € base price + VAT

Norton Colección Malbec: 9,89 € base price + VAT

Norton Altura Pinot Noir: 29,59 € base price + VAT

Buy Norton Red Wine Online

Like the rest of our products of Argentine origin, in Pampa Drugstore you will be able to find Bodega Norton products just by typing the brand name in our search bar. Once you have done this, you will be presented with a variety of eight types of Norton red wine, which you can add to your cart and opt for our shipments.

Our site has brief reviews for each product and a real time chat service to solve any doubt.

Pampa Drugstore: Norton Red Wines Online

As with most of our products, at Pampa Drugstore we are the marketers of the renowned Norton winery and, for this purpose, we have our e-commerce platform, with direct purchase services, real-time chat, and affordable payment methods

Taste the best Norton red wines with Argentine export quality and accompany your tastings with the best gastronomic recipes, family and friends.

We have Argentine red wines of numerous grape varieties such as Malbec red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon red wines, Pinot Noir red wines, Merlot red wines.

Also within our great winery we have prestigious wineries such as Navarro Correas, Nieto Senetier, Norton, Rutini, Trumpeter, San Felipe and San Telmo among many others.

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