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White Wines

White Wines from Argentina| Pampa Drugstore

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Argentine white wines

It is impossible to talk about wines without mentioning Argentina, since it is the largest producer in South America and the fifth largest in the world, and it is an obligatory reference

Argentine white wine is considered one of the most exquisite wines in the world. There are numerous wineries in Argentina that produce white wines of superior quality

If you are in the European Union and want to buy the most recommended Argentine white wines, Pampa Drugstore is your perfect ally. In our online platform you will find extensive catalogs with the most recognized brands, which you can purchase and have them delivered to different destinations in Europe.

Types of Argentine white wine and grapes

Argentina is the king of wines and produces excellent brands of white wine, mostly from Torrontés and Chardonnay grapes and, to a lesser extent, from Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc grapes

- Malbec wine

It is essential to mention Malbec when it comes to Argentine wines, whether red or white, since this grape variety produces the most outstanding and world-renowned wines. The Argentine white wine Malbec is characterized by its fresh taste and subtle aroma of red fruits, flowers and wood; great for pairing with cheeses and salads

- Torrontés Wine

It is the Argentine white wine with the largest representation in the world. It is fresh and fruity, full of sensory varieties and with outstanding international awards, which have made it the most coveted white wine in the country

It is a grape native to Argentina, its vine does not come from the European continent. It is the most used grape variety in the production of Argentine white wines and from which a wine with a bitter touch and a predominantly herbal flavor is obtained

The areas where it is mainly grown are La Rioja and Calafate.

- Sauvignon Blanc Wine

A robust, but elegant and aromatic wine. It is the white wine version of the Argentine red Cabernet Sauvignon.

It is not the most used grape variety in Argentina for the production of white wine, however, as with Cabernet Sauvignon, the quantity is not as important as the quality of the product obtained.

This is a grape variety that produces the most sought-after white wines in the Argentine market, recognized for its elegant flavor and aroma.

- Chardonnay Wine

Just as the Argentine Merlot is one of the most full-bodied red wines, the Chardonnay white wine is the most consistent and freshest of the Argentine white wine line. It is smooth, refreshing and velvety on the palate

This is the most widely used grape variety to produce white wines worldwide and of good harvest in many regions of Argentina. It produces extraordinary wines with fruity and sweet aromas and flavors

Depending on the winemaking process, wines with woody and toasted nutty notes can also be obtained.

White wine regions in Argentina

Mendoza is the main wine-growing area in Argentina, producing both white and red wines. However, other white wine producing areas in this country are: La Rioja Argentina, Calafate (where the Torrentés grape is mainly grown) Salta and Río Negro (Chardonnay producers).

Tips to buy Argentine white wine

If you are interested in buying Argentine white wine, you should consider certain guidelines that will help you make the right decision, according to your preferences and the food it will accompany. Therefore, from Pampa Drugstore we invite you to follow the following tips

- Check the color of the wine

Regardless of the Argentine white wine and its brand, it is important that you check the color of the wine, as it should be a young wine with light tones

- Take into account its pairing

Depending on the occasion and the food, a white wine may be better or more appropriate than another, so it is essential that you consider the pairing of the same and acquire one that goes perfectly with the dish to be served

- Make your purchase online at Pampa Drugstore

With us you have a simple, fast and safe purchase, and at the same time you have a great variety of Argentine white wines, the most recommended in the market.

what brands of Argentine white wines do we have in Pampa Drugstore?

In Pampa Drugstore we have a wide range of Argentine white wine brands from the most renowned wineries and with the exceptional quality that characterizes them. Among them we recommend one in particular

- Bodegas Norton

A winery from Mendoza with history. They are wines based on Chardonnay grapes, so they are sweet and fruity wines with a lot of aroma. The most outstanding are:

- Late Harvest.

- Chardonnay Collection

Buy white wines from Argentina online

To buy the most renowned white wines from Argentina being in Europe, what you should do is visit our online platform. At Pampa Drugstore we are your reliable wine supplier.

We have the best brands of Argentine white wines and when you enter our catalogs you will see the wide variety of sweet and smooth Argentine white wine we have and how easy it is to buy them, because we offer a simple and safe process

look no further! We are what you need to supply your cellar with quality Argentine white wines, online and with the most competitive prices in the market. In addition, you can get them from different places in Spain and Europe

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